Esseks Creates Equilibrium in New EP, ‘The Uncertain Future’

Producer and visual artist Sam Eckstein, also known as Esseks, has unleashed another one of his creations on the world. His latest work is an EP called The Uncertain Future, which dropped on July 8.

The EP’s six tracks and accompanying tarot card-style illustrations are a cerebral joyride, a feast for the eyes and ears. It communicates the feelings of anxiety and existential dread that many of us have felt these past two years.

The EP begins with the title track, setting the stage with a slow and ominous swell that fills the mind with curiosity. You can feel that this is leading up to something epic. The jittery buzzes continue into “Looking In,” leaving you excited for the possibilities (or terrors) to come next. By “Judgemental,” the continuous building from the first two tracks has reached its fever pitch.

Overall, The Uncertain Future is a tasteful blend of cerebral and melodic. It’s heady enough to make you contemplate the universe, but still danceable and catchy, as evidenced in “Justice Served,” especially.

To celebrate the EP, Esseks will also host an EP release party and art show at The Meadows in Brooklyn. Joining him on the lineup will be special guest tiedye ky.