MP3 MAG is a home for Music, People & Experiences making an impact in the North American festival community & beyond. 

Each month, we publish digital magazine issues featuring artists interviews + festival coverage. At the end of the year, all of our digital issues are published into one, 120+ page print magazine book.


MP3 COVER: In-Depth Artist Interviews (Monthly)

MP3 MAG brings you MP3 COVER, where we dive deep into in-depth artist interviews. Discover the stories behind your favorite artists, their creative process, and their impact on the music scene.

Through exclusive conversations, we explore the journeys and inspirations that shape the music and experiences we love. From emerging talents to established icons, MP3 COVER showcases the diverse voices and perspectives that make music a powerful force.

MP3 TAKES: Event Reviews

MP3 TAKES gives you an in-depth breakdown of our main takeaways from the performance, venue, and more. Stay tuned for our event reviews, where we share our thoughts and experiences to capture the essence of each unforgettable performance.

MP3 SELECTS I Playlists + New Music Roundup (Weekly)

MP3 MAG sorts our new music coverage into a weekly roundup, MP3 SELECTS, which releases at the top of the week and highlights new releases that came out the week prior.

MP3 MAG Spotify Playlists: Elevate Your Music Experience

MP3 MAG presents our curated Spotify playlists, meticulously crafted to elevate your music experience across various genres and moods. Discover the perfect soundtrack for every moment, from energizing workouts to laid-back evenings and everything in between:

Bass Boosted: Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, Experimental, Trap

Shuffle Selects: House, Techno, Dance

DnB 101: Curated Drum n’ Bass Playlist

Groovy Getdown: Live-Electronic, Jam, Funk, Indie/Alternative Electronica


MP3 SELECTS: Submission Form


Email Submission to:

*Must include Bio, Photos, Listening Link, etc. to be considered


Email Submission to:

*Must include Bio, Photos, Listening Link, etc. to be considered


Franz Hilberath I Editor-In-Chief

Danielle Sofio I Design/Publishing

Maddy George I Social Media

Sara Piche I Partnerships

Gabrielle Reeder I Feature Writer

Logan Sasser I Feature Writer

Michela Iosipov I Feature Writer

Alli Hinchliffe I Feature Writer

Ali Mooney I Feature Writer

Mikala Lugen I Feature Writer

Daniela Toporek I Feature Writer

Julia Kauffman I Feature Writer

Ashley Eady I Feature Writer


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MP3 MAG x Collab Digital Issue

Alix Perez on the cover of MP3 MAG's Sonic Bloom Edition

– Branded digital magazine issue
– 4 interviews of affiliated artists
– All features included in the year-end print magazine
– Synced Marketing/Social support in advance of the event


Contact Sara Piche for more info on Partnerships, Rates, etc:

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