At MP3 MAG, we’re dedicated to Music, People, & Experiences that resonate throughout the North American festival scene and beyond. Through exclusive interviews, in-depth festival coverage, and artist collaborations, we aim to connect fans and creators, celebrating the rich sounds and experiences that unite us. Join us as we embark on this evolved journey, preserving the spirit and passion of the music community in every piece we publish.




Monthly ‘WAV’ Features: Delve into the heart of the festival scene with high-impact stories on artists, festivals, and groundbreaking releases.

MP3 SELECTS: Discover new tunes with our staff picks, all in one Spotify playlist, ‘MP3 SELECTS’.

MP3 PREP: The ultimate guide to gear you up for upcoming festivals and shows.

MP3 TAKES: Dive into our event reviews for a closer look at performances and venues.


MP3 SELECTS on Instagram & TikTok: Weekly highlights of our music discoveries.

MP3 This Week in Festival News: Stay ahead with the latest festival news.


Commemorative Artist & Festival Issues: Limited edition print magazines celebrating the icons of the festival world and the stories that define them.


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Dive into the heart of the music festival scene across North America with MP3 MAG’s comprehensive Music Festival Calendar. From the electric vibes of city block parties to the serene settings of countryside gatherings, our calendar is your ultimate guide to not missing an unforgettable weekend. The music festival landscape is ever-evolving, with new events popping up and dates shifting. Our calendar is regularly updated to reflect the latest information, helping you stay in the loop on festival happenings.

Have a festival to add or an update to share? We welcome contributions to make our calendar as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible. Send your festival details, including the name, dates, location, and a brief description, to Visit our North American Music Festival Calendar (LINK COMING SOON) on the MP3 MAG site and start planning your next musical adventure.


Franz Hilberath I Editor-In-Chief

Danielle Sofio I Design/Publishing

Maddy George I Social Media

Connor Phillips I Lead Writer

Gabrielle Reeder I Feature Writer

Logan Sasser I Digital Editor/Writer

Mikala Lugen I Feature Writer

Daniela Toporek I Feature Writer

Julia Kauffman I Feature Writer


Commemorative Artist & Festival Issues

MP3 MAG celebrates the heart of the festival community through limited edition print magazines. These issues, focusing on influential artists and memorable festivals, are designed as collectible keepsakes that delve deep into the stories shaping the music scene.

Alix Perez on the cover of MP3 MAG's Sonic Bloom Edition



Collector’s Items: Limited runs make each magazine a unique memento of the music and moments fans cherish.

Rich Narratives: Through artist collaborations and in-depth features, we capture the essence behind the beats and the people.

Bridging Digital and Print: Interactive elements like QR codes link readers to exclusive digital content, blending traditional and modern media experiences.

Engagement: Aimed at fans and festival-goers worldwide, these editions strengthen the connection within the music community, celebrating its diverse voices and shared passions.

Create and preserve music history with us through these special print editions. Artists and festivals interested in being featured can reach out via


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