The Black Box, a refuge from the everyday, a home for experimentation and heart felt emotion. Their .mission is simple, they are here to move people thru sound. They host a wide range of genres, allowing patrons from all walks to experience the power of music on a proper sound system. The dual room venue is fully equipped with the powerful, state-of-the-art custom built sound system consisting of a Tannoy, Funktion-One, & Othorn combination. A haven for artists, audiophiles, and partygoers alike, The Black Box is headquarters for Colorado’s underground music community. (18+)


5 Must See Shows at The Black Box This Month (July 2024):

1. ENiGMA DUBZ x Pushloop

Poster flyer for The Black Box with octopus and blue tentacles


When: Friday, July 5th & Saturday, July 6th

Genre: Dubstep, future garage, grime, liquid drum & bass

Origin: United Kingdom (ENiGMA DUBZ), California (Pushloop)

Favorite Songs:

  1. Free Your Mind (ENiGMA DUBZ)
  2. The Sunken Place – VIP (ENiGMA DUBZ)
  3. Secret Society (Pushloop)
  4. Neato (Pushloop)

What to expect: ENiGMA DUBZ and Pushloop is an interesting combination. On one hand, ENiGMA DUBZ’s recent music is much mellow take on UKG, liquid drum and bass, and downtempo dubstep. It’s etherial, melodic, and still very deep. On the other hand, Pushloop is known for experimental bass music and traditional dubstep akin to Truth’s Deep Dark and Dangerous label.

2. LSB & DRS

The Black Box poster for LSB and DRS featuring an astronaut.


When: Saturday, July 13th

Genre: Liquid drum & bass

Origin: United Kingdom

Favorite Songs:

  1. The View (DRS & LSB)
  2. Give You Up (LSB)
  3. Count To Ten (2024) (DRS)
  4. Super Noogle (DRS)

What to expect: Liquid drum and bass is great — but when you add a skilled MC and rapper like DRS into the mix, it completely transforms the live experience. That’s what’s going down for the LSB & DRS show, and they’re bringing the UK rave culture to the states for two special night at the Black Box. Expect chilled out liquid drum and bass from LSB, combined with live rapping, freestyling, and MCing from a DRS.

3. Miley Serious + Floret Loret

The Black Box concert poster for Miley Serious and Floret Loret


When: Friday, July 26th

Genre: Dubstep, breakbeats, experimental bass

Origin: New York/Paris (Miley Serious), Florida (Flortet Loret)

Favorite Songs:

  1. Boiler Room Set: Melbourne (Miley Serious)
  2. Suneater (Floret Loret)
  3. Abscissions (Floret Loret)

What to expect: Miley Serious is your DJ’s favorite DJ. Inspired by the electronic and punk scenes in Paris and New York City, she’s known for her incredible DJ skills and track selection, which ranges from techno and breakbeats to dubstep bangers. Floret Loret, on the other hand, is dubstep through and through, known for collaborations with Zeds Dead and flipping tracks from countless artists, including Ivy Lab, Skrillex, Eprom, and Hamdi.

4. Electronic Tuesdays w/ Don Jamal

The Black Box Electronic Tuesdays with Don Jamal poster


When: Tuesday, July 30th

Genre: Dubstep, 140, experimental bass, UK bass

Origin: Boulder, Colorado

Favorite Songs:

  1. Levity – Flip It (JustinJay & Don Jamal Remix)
  2. UP!
  3. Skepta – That’s Not Me (Don Jamal Edit)
  4. Quack

What to expect: If you haven’t heard about Don Jamal yet, you will soon. There’s tons of UK influence throughout his songs and DJ sets, which he’s performed at festivals across the U.S. including Lightning in a Bottle, Apocalypse, and Cyclops Cove. Expect high energy, fast tempo, and a wide range of genres.

5. London Elektricity

The Black Box London Elektricity Poster


When:  Thursday, July 18th

Genre: Liquid drum & bass

Origin: United Kingdom

Favorite Songs:

  1. Life Is Beautiful
  2. Final View From The Rooftops
  3. The Prescription Is Love
  4. Funkopolis

What to expect: London Elektricity makes music that sounds like a soundtrack to a cheeky spy movie adventure. Picture Inspector Gadget, but make it dynamic liquid drum and bass, and add horns, beautiful vocal melodies, and a touch of jazz influence. It’s grand. It’s cinematic. But, most of all, it’s completely immersive.


July Events:

July 5th: ENiGMA DUBZ x Pushloop (From The Depths EP Release Party)
July 6th: ENiGMA DUBZ x Pushloop (#Vibes Night)
July 11th: Spoonbill
July 13th: LSB & DRS
July 18th: London Elektricity
July 19th: Hydraulix
July 20th: Xenotype + Bemah
July 26th: Miley Serious + Floret Loret