Lightning in a Bottle
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Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area 13601 Ironbark Road, CA 93311-9478, Bakersfield, CA, United States

From the iconic stages featuring breakout artists alongside world famous headliners, to the roster of learning experiences inviting you to step out of your comfort zone, everything at LIB is created to push the boundaries of creativity.


Infrasound Festival 2024
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Harmony Park 79503 298th St, Clarks Grove, MN, United States

Infrasound Festival 2024l is a festival in June in Minnesota hosted at Harmony Park near Minneapolis — MP3 MAG's North American Music Festival Calendar


Secret Dreams
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Legend Valley 7585 Kindle Rd, Thornville, OH, United States

Secret Dreams is a multi-genre music & arts festival with a focus on bringing together dream-worthy lineups in a space transformed by our unbelievable community of artists that continues to grow each year.


Elements Music & Arts Festival 2024
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Long Pond 1234 Long Pond Road, Long Pond, PA, United States

Elements Music & Arts Festival 2024 is a festival in August in Pennsylvania hosted at Long Pond in Long Road, Pennsylvania — MP3 MAG's North American Music Festival Calendar


Deep Tropics Music Festival 2024
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BICENTENNIAL PARK 600 James Robertson Pkwy, Nashville, TN, United States

Deep Tropics Music Festival 2024 is a festival in Nashville hosted at Bicentennial — MP3 MAG's North American Music Festival Calendar


Bass Canyon
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Gorge Amphitheatre 754 Silica Rd NW, Quincy, WA, United States

Held over three days, Bass Canyon 2024 will mark the festival’s sixth edition at The Gorge Amphitheatre. The festival hotspot is revered for its famously sloped lawn, which offers stunning views of the Columbia Gorge Canyon below.


Cascade Equinox
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Deschutes County Fairgrounds 3800 SW Airport Wy, Redmond, OR, United States

Cascade Equinox delivers a diverse lineup of exciting musical acts who embody the spirit of artistic exploration and creativity. From local acts and rising stars, to established icons, the lineup is a vibrant celebration of the many different sounds, styles, and perspectives that make up the modern music landscape.