Photo of meow wolf denver's perplexiplex concert venue

MP3 TAKES: Partiboi69’s Dazzling Technicolor Show at Meow Wolf Denver’s Perplexiplex

Partiboi69 delivers a dynamic, genre-bending set at Meow Wolf Denver’s Perplexiplex, an immersive venue attached to a 90,000 sq ft interactive art gallery. Experience the fusion of techno, house, and hyperpop in a 360-degree light and sound spectacle.

Live photo from Firefly

Five Electropop Artists to Check Out at Firefly Music Festival 2022

Electropop is a burgeoning music genre blending elements of electronic dance music with features distinctive to pop music. Electropop boasts several subgenres that call back to nostalgia and the strange internet culture we experience today. Firefly Music Festival is an annual celebration in the heart of Dover, Delaware, held from September 22–25. The infamous festival […]