8485 & badxyou Team Up on Colorful Single, “Better”

Acclaimed, rising act badxyou & underground artist 8485 have teamed up for an infectious and emotional new track, “Better,” which is an ode to Mental Health Awareness Month. Together, their harmonious mixture stokes the appeal they’ve found with both critics and fans, and offers something for listeners to connect with at a personal level.

“Better” marks the first time the pop punk trio badxyou has collaborated with, 8485, a self proclaimed underground pop star.

8485 is one of our favorite vocalists,” badxyou said in a 2022 press release. “After we made this record, we knew we wanted somebody that sounded pure, with an angelic type of voice. 8485 is exactly that.

“Better” is powered by a vulnerable narrative, as badxyou frontman Andy confronts his bi-polar disorder, battling within a toxic relationship of wanting to be seen as someone better than who he thinks he is.

Supported by Dummy Mag, Rain Mag, New Noise, CULTR, & more, badxyou continues to find acclaim as they unveil each new sonic chapter. Badxyou magically blend ideas and sounds of pop culture into fresh soundscapes, creating a sonic collage of shapeshifting electronic 8-bit video game bleeps, sugary synths, kaleidoscopic D&B patterns, dynamic guitar riffs, and pop-punk melodies. By embodying, embracing, and putting their own blissfully chaotic spin on Internet and pop culture, badxyou is always relevant and cutting-edge with the current times.