Chicago’s acclaimed DJ, Artist, & Podcaster Sherm Partnering With Malort, Old Style, North Coast Music Festival, Collectiv Presents for ‘Chicago Handshake’ St. Patty’s Day Event.

Chicago’s Sherm to Host Handshake St. Patty’s Party this Saturday

Chicago’s Matt Sherman, known on the festival and touring circuit as Sherm, has earned attention in his hometown and beyond. His podcast, Sherm In The Booth, is one of the largest in the electronic space, and both his DJing and production chops have earned him bookings at North Coast Music Festival as well as support from his peers such as Galantis, John Summit, and Armin Van Buuren.

This Saturday, March 11, he’s throwing his biggest event to date, in partnership with Malort, Old Style, North Coast Music Festival, and Collectiv Presents. The St. Patty’s Day Party, named after the wildly popular drink special, Chicago Handshake, will take place at Joe’s On Weed Street. The event will pair three iconic pillars of the Chicago, Malort, Old Style, and House Music.

“My mission is to give back to the city that has helped make me who I am,” Sherm said via a Press Release. “By partnering with local vendors, artists, venues, and event curators I’m able to expose local cultural flavors with the amazing people of this city through music, dancing and drinking.”

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