Effin artwork for Descent EP release

Effin Releases ‘Descent’ EP via Deadbeats

LA-based bass music artist Effin releases his latest EP, Descent, under Zeds Dead’s label, Deadbeats. A label dedicated to promoting the next generation of forward-thinking electronic production, Effin formats his latest EP to hit the latest edge of high-quality bass music.

Inspired by a previous conversation about a “descent into madness,” Effin introduces his four-track EP with relentless energy. The first track “Stupid” is a powerful descent into hard-hitting dubstep, hip-hop bass, and trap beats. Diving deeper into the madness, “Horseplay” (featuring dubstep producer Jiqui) fires powerful bass drops, churning technical styles of glitch and grime into a heavy-hitting powerhouse of dub production.

The third track, “Headspace,” a collaboration with lo-fi producer Woven in Hiatus, opens with a slower atmospheric tone, morphing laid-back and dreamy basslines with an expansive dubstep rhythm. The final track, “Pictures,” settles into a sentimental narrative with vocals by indie musician and vocalist, Anna-Sophia Henry.

Effin continues to deliver an impressive cutting-edge picture for his upcoming and ongoing success, releasing the Descent EP as a skillful representative of his redefined technical style and qualified sound design.

“I think there’s a bit of something for everyone in this project and it feels like the perfect combination of a bunch of different styles that I’ve fallen in love with.”

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