Photos of Pitbull & other artists playing Innings Festival Tampa in 2023.

Five Acts to Catch at Innings Festival

The second annual Innings festival brims with talent from the musical realm and the baseball universe. Combining two diverse passions, Innings strives to connect the home-run game by covering several bases in music. To pump up the crowd for Innings this weekend, here are five musical acts to catch.

Joey Valence and Brae

Right out of the 90s and out of Pennsylvania, Joey Valence and Brae are a popular staple in this year’s festival scope. The best-friend duo produces beats in their apartment building, but the talented producers and vocalists evoke breakbeats and lyrics reminiscent of early career Eminem and The Beastie Boys. 

Joey Valence and Brae sets possess unmatched energy. Joey Valence tore his PCL a few months ago but continued to jump through the international sets clad in a leg brace. 

Japanese Breakfast 

Japanese Breakfast is an indie-alternative group headed by the powerhouse Michelle Zauner. Last year, the quartet performed on the season finale of Saturday Night Live, crushing the performance with singles “Be Sweet” and “Paprika.” 

The dreamy, lo-fi, alt-band avoids adhering to any specificity in music. Japanese Breakfast explores various avenues of sound while utilizing nuances that only work in this band. Slide Tackle draws from airy lyrics overlaid with booming trumpets and distinct drums, while Zauner drops an octave in “Boyish,” a yearning love song about an unrequited fixation.

Song to start with: Kokomo, IN


LA-based Grouplove originated in 2009 with vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi. The rock band specializes in concocting feel-good soundtracks fueling a main character’s journey. 

Grouplove’s infectious anthems grace several film and television soundtracks, including The Fault in Our Stars, Glee, and The Vampire Diaries, but the best Grouplove track is the haunting “Back in the 90s” theme song played at the end of every Bojack Horseman episode. 


What’s a Florida festival without Mr. 305? The Miami-native rapper surfaced in the hip-hop scene around 2004, but Pitbull soared into Billboard’s top spot of the top 100 a few months after he dropped “Give Me Everything.” A year later, Pitch Perfect covered the song, perpetuating its popularity. 

Catch Mr. Worldwide’s set at Innings for nostalgic bangers and unlimited chances to scream DALE!

The Ries Brothers

Get groovy. The Florida-based band, comprised of Kevin and Charlie Ries, blend genres such as funk, reggae, and rock for a unique Americana sound, employing experimentation in their discography. Each Ries Brothers tune carries a definitive string or synth lick before the lyricist plunges into captivating lilts about love and the human experience. 

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