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Inspired and Motivated, Denver’s Josh Fedz is Ready to Break Out [Mix+Q&A]

The circle of friends and like-minded individuals you surround yourself with can have an invaluable impact on your life. CO-house artist Josh Fedz is a testament to just that.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Fedz began captivated with the electronic scene when he started attending shows with friends. Inspired by artists and events like Electric Forest, he opted for a career in music as he began learning how to produce house.

After moving out West to electronic music hub, Denver, Colorado, Fedz career began to take off as he became better connected in the local house and techno scene. He’s collaborated with many of its artists such as Wessyde, Punjahbae, and RC3. Later he would meet and connect Denver legend, Option 4, who helped him earn his first local club gigs.

Heading into the Summer, Fedz is looking to release his first music and offer a glimpse into his project as a whole. MP3 MAG caught up with him to discuss his start, inspirations, moving to Denver, and more.

Check out Josh Fedz’ MP3 in the Mix and read our full Q&A below:

What’s the origin of the Josh Fedz project? When did you decide to make this your career?

My friends and I would travel all over to see shows in Detroit and festivals like Electric Forest. This really shaped my taste in music over the years.

When I moved to Denver, everything started to take off. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best local talent, artists like The Bordas Brothers, Andy Immerman, Costello, Underlux, RC3, Wessyde, Punjahbae, and more. The house and techno scene here is extremely special, which inspired me to work on my craft. I learned a lot from them. 

I was eventually given an opportunity by one of the most influential people in the scene, Option 4. He gave me a shot to close out for Bontan at one of the Steam parties. Shortly after, 128 productions made me a resident DJ and things have taken off from there. I’d say around that time is when I knew if I worked hard enough, I could make a career out of this. 

What prompted you to start making electronic music?

My passion for music. I’ve always had a ton of ideas and really wanted to be able to express them to other people. I’ve seen and experienced how music brings people together, and I want to share that with as many people as possible.

Was there a particular artist or song that inspired you?

That’s tough to answer because I have so many inspirations, but I would probably narrow it down to two things. 

One, the music community here in Denver. Like I said before, it really is special and feels like family. So many talented up and coming artists. It is hard not be inspired. 

Then two, [Colorado Bass Artist] Mersiv. I had the pleasure of living with him for a short time when we both first moved out here. If you know him, you know that he is the kindest and most down to earth person. I watched him grow so fast and have never seen somebody work so hard. It was kind of intense honestly. I wouldn’t see him leave his room for days and make calculated sacrifices for his music. It’s truly a passion for him and I respect the hell out of him for that. 

The way I see it, if I even have an ounce of drive like that I could really work on my craft and make a name for myself. I am blessed to witness what it truly takes if you want it bad enough. 

How would you describe your style of production?

Growing for sure. I’ve been working hard the past year to learn more about music theory, songwriting, and creating my own sound. I’m really into tech house and even some bass house. I don’t see myself as an artist that sticks to one genre. 

Right now, I am a huge fan of John Summit, Kyle Walker, and Noizu. 

How did the pandemic affect your creative process? Were you able to get a lot done this past year?

It helped a ton! It gave me some time to reset and put in the extra work that I needed. I really focused on learning in general and I think it paid off. I would have liked to have finished more tracks, but I think the quality of what I am working on now is a 100 times better. Super excited about what is to come.

What’s it like getting back to live shows again?

Trying to express that in words wouldn’t be fair. Everything just feels right again and then some. The energy at every show that I have either played or attended has been off the walls. Definitely have seen a few tears on some faces.

Now, let’s talk about this mix. How would you describe your mixing style? Are there many originals in here?

Energetic is the word that comes to mind. I love to have fun up there and I really focus on trying to get the dance floor grooving and smiling. I just have the one in there. It’s about 45 minutes in and it’s a collab with Punjahbae. Those guys are super talented and I’m glad we could come together on this one. Trust me, many more originals to come. I have quite a few that I’m ready to get out there.

When can fans expect to see some of these tunes released?

I’d say hopefully by the end of summer. 

Lot of stand out tracks on this mix. What’s your favorite moment/song?

Definitely the collab with Punjahbae, “Feel My Fire.” That one has been in the works for a while and it feels great to incorporate it. I wanted to show a little taste of what you can expect from me in the near future and these tracks definitely show my taste.

What else is coming up for the Josh Fedz project we should know about?

Just keep a lookout. I think you should expect a few originals and I’m extremely hyped about that. Also, I will have a few shows and a festival coming up over the next few months. I’ll be opening up for Dillon Nathaniel on July 31, and playing at Mad Mountain Music Festival on August 13. There are a few more dates that I am stoked about, so just stay tuned!





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