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LA’s Rising Star XIE: Poised to Dominate House Music and Beyond

From the pulsing heart of Los Angeles, a city renowned for its rich tapestry of musical talent, DJ XIE (pronounced “shay”) is rising above the rest. Not just another face in the EDM scene, XIE has been carefully crafting her unique sound and is now poised to take her place in the global house music arena.

For those just dipping their toes into the deep pool of house music, DJ XIE isn’t an unfamiliar name. This Los Angeles-based producer and vocalist has been boldly experimenting with her music for some time now, shaping and molding it into a sound distinctly her own. This tireless devotion has led to the recent release of her electrifying singles, “Birds in Paradise,” and “C’est la Vie,” marking a new level of achievement in XIE’s burgeoning career.

“Birds of Paradise,” released in late March, is a dynamic three-minute, bass-house-thumping, action-packed track that showcases both XIE’s electric production style and her sultry vocals – a rare and captivating blend in the world of house music. With this track, XIE is bringing a fresh breeze into the EDM scene in Los Angeles, a city known for its diverse musical styles and talents.

To augment the atmospheric vibes of the track, she created a lyric video filled with vibrant neon colours and Miami-Vice-vibes, perfectly encapsulating the feel of a bass-house beach paradise. These visuals provide a perfect backdrop to XIE’s vibrant sound, drawing in the listener and amplifying the immersive experience.

Her music, as she explained, is a form of escapism, a route away from the mundane grind of everyday life, a sentiment many of us can appreciate. This perspective is perfectly encapsulated in her track “Birds in Paradise,” a sonic journey to a tropical utopia. It is this unique approach to creating music that sets XIE apart in the house music scene, showing that her influences span beyond the standard EDM repertoire.

For this particular song, it was really about escaping the everyday grind – getting as far away from that. It was definitely meant to invoke this hot, humid and tropical vibe,” XIE said, admitting that music, to her, has always been a form of escapism. 

Where does she escape to? The blank screen of a new Ableton session. “It’s the best because it feels like the possibilities are endless,” she said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. “I don’t even know what I’m going to do half the time, you know? Just the idea of that blank canvas is always my most enjoyable part. It’s like finding the excitement within the unknown. Sometimes it starts with vocals, sometimes it starts with production. Sometimes, the higher powers lead the way. I think that’s the most exciting thing.”

Press photo of XIE
Credit: Brandon Densley (@dnz_media)

Ever since she was five, XIE’s creativity has been nurturing its melodic roots. She was brought up in a household humming with a symphony of sounds, thanks to her parents’ affinity for classical music and a deep appreciation for arts and culture. XIE, who is half Chinese, takes immense pride in her Asian heritage and upbringing. She credits artists like Peggy Gou, Wax Motif, TOKiMONSTA, and Zhu as significant influences, along with her family.

My grandma was a water colorist. My dad’s an architect, and my mom’s actually a chemist,” she laughed. “She’s the one who brought out the production side of myself. It’s my more logical, analytical side. I think that’s why it’s been so natural for me to be involved in all aspects of my music. The patience and the discipline, all the work ethic really stuck with me. It’s embedded into my DNA, literally.”

Her latest track, “C’est La Vie,” released on May 26 during Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, is a joyous house anthem. It serves as a reminder that, despite the inevitable mistakes and bad days, finding acceptance can release negativity and bring us closer to brighter days and success.

XIE credits her shift from trap EDM to house to artists like Wax Motif, Matroda, Chris Lorenzo, and Chris Lake. “In 2021, I went to see Chris Lake at Petco Park and was blown away,” she reminisced about the show, where over a hundred people were dancing in collective euphoria, flowing effortlessly into the rhythm. “I was doing more trap-based EDM around that time, but that night, I fell in love with house.”

Now, after nearly a decade of honing her craft for the next stage of her career, XIE is more resolved than ever to debut her work on an international scale. “I’d love to play in Asia, and in more exotic locations that I’ve never been to before. Different crowds, and different cities.” As she names each event and venue, it’s clear that XIE is not just daydreaming — she’s resolute and confident that she’ll cross each one off her bucket list.

I want to make it,” XIE said. “I want to be global. I want to be worldwide.” 

Press photo of XIE
Credit: Brandon Densley (@dnz_media)