Press photo of Mary Droppinz.

Mary Droppinz: Making of A Star

In life, the saying “everything happens for a reason” is repeated time and again. You might hear it during your lowest moments or when you’ve overcome a hardship, leading to a new and beautiful chapter in your life. That new purpose and meaning to the next chapter in your life becomes that reason. 

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For rising artist Mary Droppinz, her destiny to become a renowned artist and performer roots back to her college days in Nebraska. 

Hailing from a city where the electronic music scene is virtually non-existent, Mary Droppinz never imagined she would become an acid house and breakbeats superstar. Attending school in Omaha, Nebraska, her focus was on fashion design and merchandise, intending to become a fashion designer. To pursue a career in this field, working in New York City becomes the goal for most ambitious fashion mavens, including Mary herself. 

“I went out to New York, and I was doing an internship out there for a year, and that was my first experience of change from the Midwest to a big city,” Mary explained to MP3 MAG. “I felt like I was at my place because I always felt odd in Nebraska.”

Press photo of Mary Droppinz.
Photo Courtesy of Mary Droppinz

However, a committed relationship with an ex-boyfriend led her to California instead. “It took me out to California, and it didn’t work out, but I stayed out here, and it’s completely changed my life.” Her exposure to the house and techno music scene in Los Angeles proved to be inspiring. “I was working on big brands at an ad agency called Chiat Day, my friends were taking me out to clubs that were playing house, and I started to immerse myself. I saw a woman mixing at a rooftop, and I thought to myself ‘I can do that,” Mary shared.

Musically, Mary has a background in playing the piano, her father played drums, and her mother shared her love to dance. It’s no surprise mixing became a seamless learning process for Mary; rhythm is in her blood. 

Droppinz has always been a natural when it came to performances as well, not held back by the rampant nerves that usually come with performing before a crowd. Over the last eight years, she has performed at well-known events such as Dirtybird CampInn, EDC Las Vegas, Coachella, Desert Hearts, and her most cherished debut, Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

Press photo of Mary Droppinz.
Photo Courtesy of Mary Droppinz

Mary began producing music four years ago, with her sound evolving significantly since the pre-pandemic Twitch live-streaming days. Trends and styles always come back, whether it’s in fashion or music. Mary Droppinz is pioneering a resurgence of the ’90s underground rave scene sound by blending her unique approach to breaks and acid house. As an inspiration to the next generation of artists, she encourages fearlessness and creativity. 

Her track “NYC,” released via Zed’s Dead imprint Altered States, exemplifies her growth and maturity in beats. “I made that track two years ago, and I was done sitting on it,” Mary said joyfully. “Altered States has been my main state label who have taken me in, and I appreciate them.” Founded March 2021, the Altered States imprint delves into a vast range of sonic expressions outside bass music, and has served as a platform for artists such as Mary, AYYBO, Mz Worthy, and more.

Mary Droppinz Returns to Zeds Dead’s Altered States with “NYC”

Another defining track is her latest remix of Lubelski’s “Why Do You Do The Things You Do,” released on Dirtybird. This rework climbed Beatport’s Breaks/ Breakbeat / UK Bass charts, showcasing Mary’s signature blend of drum patterns, acid lines, heavy bass, and wall-shaking breaks.

Press photo of Mary Droppinz.
Photo Courtesy of Mary Droppinz

Mary’s journey has taught her the importance of believing in herself, embracing diverse genres, and not limiting her potential. When she isn’t working on music, she focuses on her health, supports friends pursuing their dreams, and leads with gratitude. Each decision throughout Mary Droppinz’s life has led her to her current success and promises a bright future in music.

Catch Mary Droppinz and the Altered States label at The Ground for Miami Music Week on March 25. Purchase tickets here.

Michela is a writer for MP3 MAG. With six years of studying journalism under her belt, Michela is an aspiring dance music journalist who interviews artists, writes about their upcoming releases, and also covers electronic dance music festivals.