Photo of Sunset Music Festival (Credit: Alive Coverage)

MP3 PREP: 6 Essentials for Sunset Music Festival 2023

What better way to celebrate the start of summer this Memorial Day Weekend than at a music festival on Florida’s Gulf Coast? Thousands of music lovers are gearing up for Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, Florida for the long weekend. The festival is May 27 – 28 at the Raymond James Stadium. Big names including REZZ, Slander, Adventure Club, and Dr. Fresch will be on the lineup in 2023.

Here are 6 Essentials to ensure you have the best time at Sunset Music Festival this year:

A Fan 

As we creep into summertime, Florida’s heat and humidity are no joke. To keep yourself cool while dancing the night away, we strongly recommend you bring a fan (no clacking, please). You can buy one online or shop at the festival vendors to find the perfect one.

Sun Protection 

Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must before the sun sets. There are some covered areas throughout the grounds, but for the most part, you’ll be in the sun. There are also cool-down areas in the festival, so attendees can take a break from the heat. 

A Hydration Pack 

There will be several water stations throughout the festival grounds because hydration is imperative. Let’s be honest, everyone will be sweating in the Florida sun. Keep yourself safe in high temperatures and hot crowds by drinking plenty of water. There are several hydration pack brands; a popular one in the festival community is Lunchbox Packs.

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A Pashmina or Bandana 

Not only can these items protect you from the sun, but it tends to get dusty at SMF. Having a pashmina or bandana to wrap around your nose and mouth while walking from stage to stage can help keep dirt off your face. Pashminas can be found at the merchandise booths at the festival or online. If you’re doing last-minute shopping, there are options on Amazon Prime, but we recommend shopping small. 

Baby wipes

Did we mention it gets dusty? Pro tip: Pack a few baby wipes in your bag to have in case you need to wipe off your hands and body. 

Photo of Sunset Music Festival (Credit: Alive Coverage)
Photo of Sunset Music Festival (Credit: Alive Coverage)

Secure storage for your phone 

Unfortunately, like most festivals, Sunset is not immune to pickpocketers. Bring a fanny pack or small backpack with zipped pockets to store your phone. For added protection, make sure your phone is close to your body and not in an outer pocket. There are also anti-theft phone cases perfect for festival-goers. 

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