Sherwood Forest at Electric Forest Music Festival

MP3 PREP: 9 Essential Tips for Electric Forest 2023

As the festival season charges full steam ahead, the preparation for each event becomes a task in itself. Welcome to MP3 PREP, your ultimate guide to navigating the pulsating world of music festivals.

Whether this is your first Electric Forest or you’re a seasoned veteran, it never hurt to get a rundown on the ins and outs of one of the most notorious festivals in the world. In a couple of weeks, over 40,000 music enthusiasts will travel from near and far for an otherworldly experience. The festival takes place in Rothbury, Michigan from June 22-25 at the Double JJ Resort. These are just a few things that paint a picture of what EF has to offer. 

Here are the 9 essential insights for making the most of your Electric Forest experience:

The Brainery

The Brainery is a designated space on “Main Street,” the main strip of vendors and pathway from camp to the venue, where creatives attending EF host a workshop of their choice. The variety of topics, skills, and lessons presented by the “Forest Fam” allow unique options for every taste. In past years, Brainery workshops include meditation, sound baths, arts and crafts, classes on terpenes and so much more. Be sure to check out EF social platforms and their website for the announcement regarding this year’s Brainery workshops.

The Piano

It’s pretty difficult to miss the piano nestled among the trees in the heart of the Forest. It’s free for anyone to play on, and you may even find artists like Jason Leech or Porter Robinson doing an impromptu performance. Aside from the obvious allure, the piano provides the perfect moment to relax and take in the moment. The hustle and bustle of EF can be somewhat overwhelming at times, but the piano provides a moment of peace when you need it most. We highly recommend checking this out at night while surrounded by the vast amount of colorful lighting that Forest is so well known for.


EF is far from just a music festival. It’s a journey to self-exploration and an opportunity to dive into more meaningful emotions. In Sherwood Forest, you’ll find the Spirit Center that serves to honor those no longer with us. You’ll have the opportunity to create a Luminaria, which are decorated bags lit by LED candles and put on display. Advanced luminarias are sold out, but you can still create one at the spirit center throughout the weekend.

It Will Be Dusty!

Summer in June can be brutal with high UV’s and dry conditions. Tens of thousands of people combined with vehicles and dirt roads lead to TONS of dirt in the air. If you’re a first-time Forest attendee, you may not think much of it, but you’re definitely going to want to avoid coughing up dirt by the end of the weekend. A small addition to your camping checklist like pashminas or facemasks will go a long way.

Hidden treasures

EF is full of magical adventures waiting to be explored. It’s one of the qualities that puts the festival in a league of its own. There is nothing quite like walking through the forest and finding a fairy door, the hidden poetry brothel, ringing phones that lead to strange conversations, bargaining at the trading post, interacting with the many performers, or following hidden clues that lead you to a surprise room. The rule of thumb? If you question it… Inspect it!

Attractions await!

On top of the music, art installations, and getting lost in a fairytale-like atmosphere, you can take advantage of the ferris wheel and hot air balloon rides. Both rides are located just past the entrance of the venue near the Tripolee stage. Lines generally aren’t too long unless you go during peak nighttime hours. Even so, a neon-lit forest and vast views of the venue are well worth the effort.


The food lineup offers a variety of options, including a few noteworthy festival-favorites. Island Noodles, Spicy Pie, and The Cereal Sundae Bar on Main Street are always good go-to’s to satisfy that sweet or savory craving. EF welcomes a few newcomers this year, like The Garden of Divine Delights and Cosmik Tony’s Pizza Arcade. If you need a break from preparing food at camp, or you’re looking for a late-night snack, the options are both boundless and delicious.

RV Renegades

EF provides a party like no other, but don’t forget the party continues at the RV renegade stages. From the close of the venue through sunrise, the music doesn’t stop and the RV setups are thoughtfully constructed with show-quality monitors and DJs galore. The RV stages are also no stranger to secret sets from celebrated EDM artists like Mersiv, Caspa B2B Ganga White Night, Yheti, GRiZ, and more. You can hop and bop from the multiple RV stages and pick your poison. The RVs are coveted at EF, and for good reason.

Forget Your Plan

Without a doubt, EF is one of the most interactive, distinctive, community-driven, and wholesome festivals around. There are endless things to do along with endless music to see. The days are hot, and the nights are long. The amount of walking you’ll do is exhausting, and the way you treat your body will play into your experience. You may currently be dividing your days with set times and activities by the minute.

Not to say that’s necessarily the wrong way to go about it. Just remind yourself to be present. If you miss a set, forgive yourself. There will be more. If you didn’t make it to one of the many events that take place, it’s okay. If you hear the next day that Illenium played a secret RV set while you were sleeping, let it go. The forest always provides. 

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