MP3 SELECTS featuring Manic Focus, Casmalia & Cloudchord

MP3 SELECTS: Playlists + New Music from Manic Focus, Casmalia, Cloudchord & More

In the modern era, distribution services push out over 60,000 new tracks every single day. How do you cut through all the noise, select what to listen to, and boost your playlist game? Introducing MP3 SELECTS, our weekly rundown of new music releases and our updated playlists on Spotify. Check out this week’s round up below:

Manic Focus, Balkan Bump, Chika Di – “Brassive Attack”

Denver-based producer Manic Focus is back pushing boundaries on his new single, “Brassive Attack.” Tapping trumpeter Balkan Bump and Colombian singer Chika Di, the new single marks the producer’s first Latin-infused production that blends the likes of hip-hop and electronic bass. The track showcases Manic Focus’ natural sonic chemistry with the two collaborators, blending blazing dubstep synth lines, hard-hitting hip-hop beats, reggaetón and dance-fueled drum patterns, and infectious vocals into an upbeat party anthem.

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“Brassive Attack” also marks the producer’s fourth single from his forthcoming seventh studio album, Never Not Blue, due out later this year. “Brassive Attack” gives listeners a dose of his unique range of electronic production and the various sounds he’s explored over the years that will be showcased in the career retrospective forthcoming album. 

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Casmalia, ZOF – “Right Thing”

The right thing to do is to listen to this track, literally right now. As her first official single release of 2023, Casmalia’s “Right Thing” will hit you in all the right places. Teaming up with Seattle-based producer and vocalist ZOF, the two flawlessly conjure up dreamy vocals surrounded by bouncy four-on-the-floor beats. With its infectious and danceable rhythms, it’s only suitable to make a home on Noizu’s label, Techne. 

Catch Casmalia alongside Noizu on his upcoming spring tour both in Salt Lake City and Miami, as well Ghettoblaster’s summer tour in Grand Rapids.

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Cloudchord, Big Gigantic – “Keep On Moving”

This new collab between Cloudchord and Big Gigantic will keep you movin’ and groovin’… literally. While Cloudchord and Big G have been friends for years, “Keep On Movin’” marks the two’s first official released collab together. Bridging Cloudchord’s chill, lo-fi guitar stylings with Big Gigantic’s groovy and funk-centric rhythms, the track oversees disco, neo-soul vibes that will put a pep in your step for the days ahead.

Cloudchord continues to be a mainstay of chill, lo-fi jam music and will dose listeners with live shows in Reykjavík, Iceland this May before heading to Colorado’s famed Sonic Bloom in June. Big Gigantic just finished their nationwide Brighter Future Tour, Vol. II last month and will perform a monumental live show alongside the Colorado Symphony at Boettcher Concert Hall on March 17.

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Find a full Round Up of new music from throughout the spectrum of the Music Festival scene via our Official MP3 MAG Spotify Playlists below:


[Playlist for Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, Experimental, Trap]:

New Music Featured This Week (Mar 1 – Mar 6):

Manic Focus – “Brassive Attack”

SKYSIA  – “Moonflower”

GRAIL SOUNDS – “Gully String”

Topsail – “Flow”

Akeos, viwiv – “Fate”

SVDDEN DEATH – “Born To Suffer”

Figure – “Flesh Rot”

Tsuruda – “Moxy”


[Playlist for House, Techno]: 

New Music Featured This Week (Mar 1 – Mar 6):

Casmalia, ZOF – “Right Thing”

GolfClap, Qlank, Owie- “Bad Girl”

DJ HEARTSTRING – “Never Let Me Go”

Lemtom – “F303”

LondonBridge, Ocean Roulette – “Outta My Head”

LUPA – “Born a Beast”

Sterium – “Fumarun”

HNTR – “IN2”

DNB 101

[Playlist for Diverse DnB for Beginners & Diehards]: 

New Music Featured This Week (Mar 1 – Mar 6)

Sub Focus, AR/CO – “Vibration (One More Time)”

Delta Heavy – “No Gravity”

LOSTBOYJAY, James Hiraeth – “COULD BE WRONG (James Hiraeth Remix)”

Subkillaz  – “Rampage”

DEADWAX, MC Mota – “Surrender”

Xeomi, Kaiza – “Cylinder”


[Playlist for Live-Electronic, Jam, Funk]:

New Music Featured This Week (Mar 1 – Mar 6)

Cloudchord, Big Gigantic – “Keep On Moving”

Trail Daniels, Brunch Collect – “25th Hour”

The BREED – “Digital Donuts”

Thelonious Coltrane – “I Won’t Run”

Así Oasis, Leven Kali – “Naked”

TRIBEZ., Ric Wilson, Wun Two – “Phoenix & Panther”

Kuli – “Saxo Groove”

*DnB 101 Playlists Curated by Jean Lacquemanne*

*Shuffle Selects, Bass Boosted, & Groovy Getdown Playlists Curated by Gaby Martinez*