MP3 SELECTS featuring Meduso, Bon-Psy, and John Summit

MP3 SELECTS: Playlists & New Music from Meduso, Bon-Psy, John Summit & More

In the modern era, distribution services push out over 60,000 new tracks every single day. How do you cut through all the noise, select what to listen to, and boost your playlist game? Introducing MP3 SELECTS, our weekly rundown of new music releases and our updated playlists on Spotify. Check out this week’s round up below:

Meduso – Drive You Mad”

Following just weeks of his remix of SoDown’s reggae bass track “Makin’ Dem,” Meduso continues to push the boundaries of electronic sound production in his latest track, “Drive You Mad.” The multifaceted producer showcases his innovative approach to music by seamlessly blending his head shattering bass with rock and metal. It’s a sonic experience that defies categorization; a track that continues to push the artist in a league of his own as he paves his own path and gathers fans from all music spectrums.


Bon-Psy – “Spiral”

Hailing from the UK, Bon-Psy emerges as an exhilarating force in the realm of contemporary electronic music with his latest new single, “Spiral.” As the first single off the second chapter of the producer’s sonic trilogy Chaos, “Spiral” exudes four minutes of morphing and experimental composition. Bon-Psy does an impressive job of holding the listener captive as the track oscillates between blissed-out half time beats, infectious, danceable grooves, industrial percussion loops, and monstrously bass growls. It’s almost a bi-polar, spiraling track that can’t seem to decide on a select sound, yet it seems to flawlessly blend together for an all-encompassing sonic landscape.


John Summit, deadmau5, Kaskade – “I Remember”

If you’re not listening to John Summit’s “I Remember” remix then what the f*ck are you doing? The 2008 genre-defining anthem “I Remember” between deadmau5 and Kaskade has gotten a proper remix 15 years later thanks to hotly-tipped producer John Summit, and let’s just say, it’s hot. Following his official remix of Kx5’s “Escape” last year, Summit brings a fresh, celestial rhythm to the nostalgic dance anthem, mixing in his stylistic approach of lofty synths and deep reverb to create a larger than life remix of the iconic track. Out in the peak of the summer festival circuit, it’s sure to make dancefloor drops throughout the world.


Modapit – “On My Mind

Underground electronic-pop producer Modapit has dropped his groundbreaking debut album, Devotion. Over the past six months, the anonymous producer has released four singles paired with a four-part short film all the while performing at EDC Las Vegas, Imagine Music Festival, Freaky Deaky, and played direct support for deadmau5. Now, the producer has released his 12-track collection that journeys through dark pop sensibilities and European melodic house and techno. It’s the dark techno-infused “On My Mind” track that sits in the second half of the album that particularly sends chills down our spine, bringing listeners to a dark and gritty sonic scene that is undeniably brilliant.


Hayden James, Bob Moses – “Do You Want Me

Hayden James and Bob Moses team up for a captivating collaboration on their latest single, “Do You Want Me?” Dropping on July 6 via Future Classic, this track combines Bob Moses’ classic vocals with Hayden James’ distinctive driving bassline and warm synths. The result is a mesmerizing summer house anthem that showcases the best of both artists’ signature sounds. With festival season in full swing, “Do You Want Me?” sets the stage for an unforgettable experience, inviting listeners to embrace a state of bliss alongside their loved ones. This dream collaboration is a must-listen and highlights the remarkable talent of Hayden James and Bob Moses. —Franz Hilberath

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Tony H – “Money on the Flo”

Seattle-based DJ and producer Tony H is making waves in the house music scene with his latest EP, Money On The Flo, released via Golf Clap’s Country Club Disco. Following his standout performances at Coachella and Miami Music Week, Tony H delivers a tour de force of tech house goodness with the title track. “Money On The Flo” showcases his signature style, blending deep grooves and pulsating energy for an unforgettable club experience. The EP also features the infectious “Mick Swagger,” delving into the realm of acid house with thumping bass and meticulous percussion. With upcoming shows including Day Trip Seattle and Space Yacht Seattle, Tony H continues to solidify his position as a rising star in the industry. 

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Find a full Round Up of new music from throughout the spectrum of the Music Festival scene via our Official MP3 MAG Spotify Playlists below:


[Playlist for Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, Experimental, Trap]:

New Music Featured This Week (June 26 – July 9):

“Free Yourself” – Maddy O’Neal, Sofasound

“Drive You Mad” – Meduso

“XENOCLONE” – 1788-L

“Mindfields”  René LaVice Remix  – The Prodigy, René LaVice 

“Oxygen” – QUIX

“Razor Sharp” – Akeos, Lusumi

“Criminal” – Zeds Dead, Hamdi, Warrior Queen

“Poetic Pit” – HOL!

“Trash Talk” – Kompany

“Splash Damage” – Figure

“Drowning” (in the drip) – Minnesota 

“Nostalgia” – Mesto, Curbi

“Brooklyn” – 2SiiK

“Zeit” – FRCTLS

“Scream” – NotLö 

“Open Space” – ​​Vyhara

“HEAT” – DIESEL, Crankdat, Shaquille O’Neal


[Playlist for House, Techno]: 

New Music Featured This Week (June 26 – July 9):


“Spiral” – Bon-Psy

“Strangers (Do You Remember)” – Francis Mercier, David Tort, Markem, Yas Cepeda, EURI

“Fell In Luv” – Carlita, Calussa

“I Remember” (John Summit Remix) – deadmau5, Kaskade, John Summit

“On My Mind” – Modapit

“Another Place” – Dusky, Lucy Tun

“Love Me” – Hot Since 82

“Fool For Love” Chris Lake Edit – Harry Romeo, Chris Lake

“Good Times” – Angel Heredia, Julian Collazos, Rafa Nandez

“Capoeira Mata Um” (Zum Zum Zum) – Bob Sinclair

“Candela” – Lucas Estrada, Raffa FI, TECHOLOGY

“Puppet On A String” – RETNA, Lee Foss, Isabellea

“Keep My Cool” – FREAK ON

“1995” – Thomas Newson, Sllash & Doppe

“Da Funky Track” – Dylan Fogarty

“Tango” – Traxman

“Shella Verse” – Sammy Virji, Flowdan 

“Spicey” Original – GHSTGHSTGHST

“Donkers” – Gonzi, Creeds

“Crave” – Lilly Palmer, Tom Schumacher

“It Ain’t Over” – DJ HEARTSTRING

“Radiance” – Amelie Lens

“In Da Q” – DATSKO

“The Time Is Now” – Dark Heart, Roland Clark

“DA REALM” – Return Of The Jaded

“Fallen Leaf” – Vintage Culture, Fideles, Be No Rain

“All The Way” – Saffrom Stone, MISS DRE

“L.I.F.E” – &ME, Keinemusik

“(I’ve Been) Lookin 4 U” – Camoufly

“Lo Que Soy” – Wax Motif, Kura

“Never Too Late” – Calussa, Felipe Puertes

“Money On The Flo” – Tony H

“Fine Day Anthem” – Skrillex, Boys Noise

“La Petite Mort” –  Autograf, Sian, Burko

DNB 101

[Playlist for Diverse DnB for Beginners & Diehards]: 

New Music Featured This Week (June 26 – July 9):

“Missing You” (feat. A Little Sound) – Hedex, A Little Sound

“Celebrate” – Hermitude

“we can leave right now” – In Explosions

“TumDaDaDum” – T & Sugah

“Lost & Found” – Kanine, Emile Rachel

“New Day” – The North Quarter All Stars

“Dance Again” – Dj Marky, Javeon


[Playlist for Live-Electronic, Jam, Funk]:

New Music Featured This Week (June 26 – July 9):

“Live Again” (feat. Halo Maud) – Chemical Brothers, Halo Maud

“Can’t Fake What You Feel” – Jordan Hawkins, Duckwrth

“Come On Over” – Luke Solomon, Amp Fiddler

“Giodisco” – LP Giobbi

“Your Eyes” Edit – Justin Jay, option4

“Return Of The Mack” – Detroit’s Filthiest

“Pipe Dream” – Black Caviar, Rion S, DOMENICO, Prince Street Bodega

“Too Much” Cabu Remix – C&G, CVIRO, Cabu

“AIN’T NOTHIN’” – 808Charmer, 808INK

“AFTERLIFE” – bear bear & friends, Gill Chang 

“There’s No Other” – Felly

“Big Hammer” – James Blake

“Keeper” – Vincent Antone

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Supershy, Tom Misch, Roberta Flack


[Playlist for Downtempo, Electronica, Lo-Fi]:

New Music Featured This Week (June 26 – July 9):

“Little Buddy Move” – Hidden Orchestra

“My Love” [Edamame Remix] – Hello Yes, Edamame

“Esplanade” – Thoma

“Missing You” – owie

“Heavier” – Odesza, Yellow House

“The Answer” Session Victim Remix – Felipe Gordon, Krewcial, Session Victim

“Making Time x Cycles” – Sultan + Shepard, Le Youth, Julia Church

“Gravity” – Pretty Pink

“Una Espresso” – Rioleval

“Crescent Cutlass” Original Mix – Kalico Jak

“SÃO PAULO” – Burt Dogg

“Deep End” – Carried Away

“Miss You” – Boxed In

“Coming Through” (feat. Nu-La) – Louis Milne, Nu-La

“Milkshake” – Amy Dabbs, Athlete Whippet

“Talk It Over” – Yorina, warner case

“what we had” – Player Dave, Georgie O’Brien

“Sur” – Etza

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