MP3 SELECTS featuring Subtronics, BLOND:ISH, and DROELOE.

MP3 SELECTS: Playlists & New Music from Subtronics, BLOND:ISH, Koan Sound, Moore Kismet & More

In the modern era, distribution services push out over 60,000 new tracks every single day. How do you cut through all the noise, select what to listen to, and boost your playlist game? Introducing MP3 SELECTS, our weekly rundown of new music releases and our updated playlists on Spotify. Check out this week’s round up below:

Subtronics, Phantogram“Black Out Days” (Subtronics Remix)

Never would we have thought that Phantogram and Subtronics would mesh well musically together, yet here we are stunned by the continuous boundary-breaking sound production of the Philadelphia producer. Just in time for the track’s 10th anniversary, Subtronics takes the modern classic, “Black Out Days,” and warps it into a genre-bending drum and bass hit, infusing skittering, rapid-fire beats, pulsing electronics, and thumping low end bass. Of course, Sarah Barthel’s arching vocals and Josh Carter’s atmospheric guitar nods are still preserved, echoing over Subtronics striking break beats and bass.

The new remix arrives with an eye-popping visualizer featuring a psychedelic army of Subtronics’ trademark Cyclops characters. Watch the visualizer here.



BLOND:ISH – “Call My Name”

Get in b*tches, we’re going to the disco. Thanks to BLOND:ISH, we actually are. Following her afro-house track “Tra Tra” and “Sorry” earlier this year, the producer and record label head has released her latest new single, “Call My Name.” Drawing from the 90s dance era, the new disco house track is full of funky basslines and lively percussion that blends all the summer-soaked rules of disco into one. 

Fans will be able to relish under the producer’s energetic disco house beats with festival performances at Electric Forest, Outside Lands, North Coast Music Festival, among others before she takes her own event series “ABRACADABRA” to Los Angeles, Egypt, and Miami. 


KOAN Sound – “Ascension”

KOAN Sound, known for their unparalleled sonic craftsmanship and widespread acclaim in the electronica scene, makes a powerful return with its first single in two years. The duo, consisting of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow, rekindles their beloved project with a distinct aesthetic and sonics that resonate deeply with fans of science fiction and experimental use of instruments.

The accompanying artwork portrays a spaceship lifting off, symbolizing the reboot phase of KOAN Sound and visually capturing the essence of their first sonic offering in 2023. Titled “Ascension,” the track showcases a rich blend of instruments, including cello and piano, adding a personal touch to the music created by these revered sonic pioneers. Through their social media channels, the duo cryptically hints at this release being just one chapter of a much larger and exciting story.

Experience the triumphant return of KOAN Sound with their mesmerizing single, “Ascension,” as they embark on a captivating musical journey that promises to captivate fans and leave them eagerly anticipating what’s to come. —Franz Hilberath


Moore Kismet – “Run Away!”

California-based prodigy Moore Kismet returns with their highly anticipated single, “Run Away!” This transformative track marks the beginning of a new chapter for our previous cover star. Released via Thrive/Virgin Music, “Run Away!” showcases Moore Kismet’s boundary-breaking sound production skills, blending genres and pushing sonic boundaries.

Self Love and Powerful Purpose — Inside Moore Kismet’s Beautiful, Chaotic Universe

With filtered synths, grungy percussion, and pulsing electronics, the track builds intensity through its eerie and slow-burning arrangement. Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Run Away!” and witness the evolution of Moore Kismet’s unique musical style. -F.H.


DROELOE, Banji – “Landscape”

Netherlands-based electronic producer and composer Vincent Rooijers – aka DROELOE – has released the new single, “Landscape.” Following his previous release “Feeble Games,” “Landscape” continues the producer’s collaboration alongside Dutch indie four-piece, Banji. The result showcases DROELOE’s ability to push the boundaries around sound production, blending elements of drum and bass with thumping indie-pop jams, all surrounding an uplifting message of staying present and holding gratitude for what life brings us. It’s the harmonious vocals within the track that propel it forward, as the two collaborators mesmerize listeners with a sonic tapestry full of emotion and energy.

In addition to the new album, DROELOE has revealed additional details on his forthcoming conceptual album, The Art of Change. The project will see DROELOE at his most vulnerable, journeying through time and space using recorded voice memos, AI voices, and textural experimentation. At the time of publishing, the release date of the album is unknown.



Find a full Round Up of new music from throughout the spectrum of the Music Festival scene via our Official MP3 MAG Spotify Playlists below:


[Playlist for Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, Experimental, Trap]:

New Music Featured This Week (June 12 – June 18):

“Run Away!” – Moore Kismet

“The Return” – Bukez Finezt, Ternion Sound

“Ascension” – KOAN Sound

“BIGFOOT” – Box Car, Boombox Cartel

“Afraid To Fail” – Elohim

“Follow You Home” – Far Out, Nikademis, Sarah de Warren

“Convergence” – Figure

“Spill Blood” – Blankface, BERRIX


“neutral ground” – sfam, DMVU

“The Swamp” – RANKZ

Shot Callin” – Sully, Smoakland


[Playlist for House, Techno]: 

New Music Featured This Week (June 12 – June 18):

“Breathe In” – ARTBAT, Another Life

“Lose My Mind” – AC Slater, Kaleena Zanders, NuBass

“In Sequence” Korolova Remix – Kasablanca, Korolova

“Silence” – JADED, Melle Brown

“Rave Tool” – Daniel Orpi

“Noisey Le Grand” – DJibouti

“Rush” – Bishuu, Nevve

“Falling” – Sunday Scaries

“Breathe” (feat. No/Me) – Chapter & Verse, No/Me

“Mi Gente” – Mr. Pig, Kofla

“In My Mind” – Bleu Clair

“La Candela” – LUCATI

“Burnin Up’” – Ben Van Kurigen

“Hypnotized” – Audiojack

“Closer” – Tre Reynolds

“Bigger Than Prince” Marco Lys Remix – Green Velvet, Marco Lys

“What Is Die Mo?” – Pegassi


“Out Of Context” – AVIRA

“El Vento” – Stephan Jolk, Malóne

“Everything You Want” – Mike Guddman, KALVYN, Medon

“So Far So Good” – Narciss

“Set You Free” – The Stickman Project


“U Want It” – TIBASKO

“Blow Your Mind” – Will Sparks

“Deep in the Night” – Blank & Jones

“The Pulse Of The Machine” – Sevenn, ASHER SWISSA

“Mission” – Marcel Dettman

“You Are Here” – Roland Clark, Alexander Technique

“Global BBs” – MCR-T

“Smoke” – Dylan & Harry, Party Favor, Baauer

“Gimme Bass” – Moksi, Nostalgix

“I Like That” – FOMO

“Bless Me (with Discrete)” – Dombresky

“The Fact” – Jay Lumen

“SYNTHETIC SANDS” – Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, NoBeuno

“Your Love” – Maximo

“Beautiful Life” – Paul van Dyk, Marc Van Linden, Sue McLaren

“High & Dry” – Matt Fax

DNB 101

[Playlist for Diverse DnB for Beginners & Diehards]: 

New Music Featured This Week (June 12 – June 18):

“Black Out Days” Subtronics Remix – Phantogram, Subtronics 

“I Ran” – T & Sugah

“Rhythm & Gash” – Hedex

“Alternative” Original Mix – Dan Guidance

“INNER FYRE” – Godlands, Plsma

“Hide Sun” – MachineDrum, Holly

“Don’t Be Scared” – Bensley, Justin Hawkes

“I Can’t Help It” – Flammable Inc

“I’ll Wait I Guess” – Hyroglifics

“Little Things” Nia Archives Remix – Jorja Smith, Nia Archives

L.S.D. (Love So Damaged) Denham Audio Remix – Charlotte Plank, Denham Audio

“Bad Boy Sound” – DJH

“Victory V” – Double O

“Need You” – Montel2099

“So It Seems” – P Money, Whiney, Zoe Kypri

“2000! Tokyopop Magazine” – IVIX


[Playlist for Live-Electronic, Jam, Funk]:

New Music Featured This Week (June 12 – June 18):

“Landscape” – DROELOE, Banji

“Call My Name” – BLOND:ISH

“Westside Story” – DJ Snake

“Ode Ireti” Amapiano Edit – &friends, eL-Jay, Oluwadamvic

“Basquait” – Asake

“On & On” (with Justine Skye) – Austin Millz, Justine Skye

“Oh No” – Justin Caruso

“Ke Shy” Joy Orbison Remix – Major Lazer

“Bruises” – AUGUST 08

“Rock Ya Body” (Deepa) – Mike Dunn

“Pushy” – Ortella

“Sharpen Up” Opolopo Remix – High Fade, Opolopo

“Do It Right” – Jose Uceda

“Glory” (feat. Wajeed) Floorplan Remix – Dames Brown, Wajeed, Floorplan

“Paradise” – Sophie and the Giants, Purple Disco Machine

“Samba” Radio Edit – Fabich, Jackson Method

“See Your Face” (feat. Electric Fields) – Tseba, Electric Fields

“Rules Of Love” – Redondo, Rockefeller

“Funky Enough” – Kevin Knapp, Andreas Henneberg

“Clothes Off” – Ssol

“OBJCT FNTSY” – Afrjqua

(It Goes Like) “Nanana” Edit – Peggy Gou

“After Dark” – James Patterson, The Knocks

“Lovin You” – 49th & Main

“Sex Drive” – Cakes Da Killa 

“Feels” – Pure Colors


[Playlist for Downtempo, Electronica, Lo-Fi]:

New Music Featured This Week (June 12 – June 18):

“Limes” – Jasper Tygner

“Disappeared” – R Plus, Faithless, Amelia Fox

“Body and Soul” – Jeff The Fool, Wilt

“Can’t Fix A Broken Heart” – DJ BORING

“High Vibrations” – Daniel Orpi

“Fknow It” – Swimming Paul

“That Time” – Rick Wade

“LF1” feat. Vondelpark & Lucky I’m Luke – Lxury, Vondelpark,  Lucky I’m Luke

“Elements” – TWO LANES

“Fearless” – Prince Kaybee, Pilani Bubu

“Start The Fire” – Nico de Andrea, Eli & Fur

“Only You” – AVÖ, Syon, QT-HIGH

“A Thousand Knives” (Enamour Remix) – RY X, Enamour

“I Love You Always Forever” (Nora’s Version) – Donna Lewis, Nora En Pure, H1RT

“Satellite” – Q Zone – Octo Octa’s Dream On & On Suite – Kai Campos, Mount Kimbie, Octo Octa

“Reason” (with Paige Cavell) – SILK, Paige Cavell

“Waiting…” – Rome In Silver

“It’s Complicated” – Owie

“Amber” – Maz (BR), Evokings

“Exhale” – OLAN

“Meadow” TH;EN Remix – Yotto, Sansa, TH:EN

“follow the birds” – Jadu Jadu, Summandher, hnylmn

“Lull” – Asta Hiroki 

“Shaka” – Cloudchord

“NaturHaus” – MOZAMBIQUE, Soft Palace

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