Skrillex performing at Red Rocks 2023. Photo Credit / lastsuspect

MP3 TAKES: Skrillex’s Epic 5-Hour Red Rocks Show – Pandemonium, Boiler Room Vibes & Minimalism

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On April 29, 2023, Skrillex brought his signature sound and vibrant energy to Red Rocks Amphitheatre, delivering a five-hour performance that will go down as unforgettable to those in attendance and in the history books of an already iconic venue.

Skrillex Announces Triumphant Return to Red Rocks with 5-Hour Set

From the pandemonium outside the venue to the dreamy minimal production and endless catalog of tunes, here’s a look at the highlights of Skrillex’s unforgettable show.

Pandemonium at Red Rocks

The anticipation for Skrillex’s performance reached a fever pitch as fans tailgated all day and the line to enter the venue wrapped around the iconic amphitheater. The excitement was palpable as people eagerly awaited the chance to experience Skrillex live for the first time at ‘RRX’ since 2014’s Mothership tour.

360 Vibes

Skrillex surprised the crowd by opening his show at 7 P.M. on a platform situated in the middle of the amphitheater and above FOH (front-of-house), immersing himself in the audience and creating a truly 360-degree experience. He set the tone for the evening with a selection of vibey house music that enveloped the entire venue in a hypnotic atmosphere. “What if I just did the whole set by myself… I have no idea how I’m gonna pull this off,” he told the crowd while reflecting on how this magical evening came to be.

Dreamy, Minimal Production

In contrast to his previous extravagant setups, which has been as extensive as featuring an actual alien mothership as production, Skrillex opted for a dreamy, minimal production that highlighted his recent Quest for Fire LP. The stage design featured an array of hanging lights, string lights above the crowd, and flashing LED wristbands for each attendee. This minimalist approach allowed Skrillex’s music to take center stage and created an intimate, immersive experience for fans. As the night wore on, the wristbands created a glow-affect above the crowd that was truly surreal to see in person.

Endless Catalog

Over the course of the five-hour performance, Skrillex showcased his extensive catalog of music, from OG dubstep classics to new tracks from his 2023 albums Quest for Fire and Don’t Get Too Close. His masterful selection and skills as a tastemaker were on full display, as he seamlessly transitioned between genres and kept the audience captivated throughout the night.

Sonny Being Sonny

At 35, Skrillex (Sonny Moore) was as playful and joyful as ever. He engaged with the audience, soaking in the moment and enjoying the opportunity to DJ without the pressure of delivering a flawless, seamless set. His genuine enthusiasm and love for music shone through, reminding fans why they fell in love with Skrillex in the first place.

Skrillex’s five-hour performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre was a night for the history books. From the pandemonium and anticipation before the show to the Boiler Room vibes, dreamy minimal production, and endless catalog of music, this event showcased Skrillex’s evolution as an artist and his ability to connect with fans on a deeper level.


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