Photo of REZZ at Sunset Music Festival 2023

MP3 TAKES: Sunset Music Festival 2023

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Photo of LSDREAM performing at Sunset Music Festival 2023
Photo Taken by Tyler Church.

Annually, the Sunset Music Festival electrifies Tampa, marking the onset of summer with leading electronic music artists. The 2023 edition, unfolding on May 27 and 28 around the Raymond James Stadium, captivated attendees with House and Bass heavyweights like AC Slater, Slander, Chris Lake, LSDREAM, Wax Motif, REZZ, and Bear Grillz. Three stages – Sunset, Horizon, and Eclipse – were the festival’s epicenters. Multiple cool down spots, along with canopies and water misters, protected festival-goers from Florida’s blazing sun. Sunset Music Festival has attracted dance music lovers from up and down the East Coast for over a decade, and was even hailed by bass music producer TVBOO as his favorite festival to perform.

Let’s dive into the details with our MP3 TAKES on Sunset Music Festival 2023:

Updated Stages

While the Sunset and Eclipse stages downsized compared to past editions, it didn’t affect the amplified bass and sound quality. The simultaneous performances on both stages impressively averted sound bleed. Notwithstanding some technical glitches on Saturday, the Horizon stage, popular among House DJs, improved its sound quality by Sunday.

Its fresh design provided a wrap-around ambiance, attracting House music fans with shaded areas. Screen designs at the smaller Sunset and Eclipse stages captivated audiences, making for a memorable experience. A firework display from the Sunset stage rounded off both nights, expressing gratitude to the festival-goers.

Photo of Sunset Music Festival 2023
Photo Taken by Alive Coverage.

Hello, Heavy Bass Music

If you’re a fan of dubstep, the bass music producers at SMF did not hold back. DJs like REZZ, Champagne Drip, and Smoakland noticeably took the heavier route with experimental and riddim-packed sets. LSDREAM coupled dirty bass with his signature positive message encouraging people to love one another and keep chugging on through the hard times. TVBOO’s Sunday night set hyped up the crowd and proved to be the perfect warm up leading into Eptic B2B Space Laces and Bear Grillz to close the night.

TVBOO: How ‘Blue Collar Bass’ Is Changing the Culture

TVBOO introduced Smoakland for a yet-to-be-released collaboration, stirring anticipation among bass music aficionados. Bear Grillz’s set, culminating in the “Bad News Bears” takeover, thrilled riddim enthusiasts when he presented Muerte, Effin, Vastive, and Stoned Level.

Gateway Festival for the EDM-Curious

SMF serves as an excellent gateway festival and the first festival for individuals seeking an introduction to the EDM community. The wide range of genres and loving community will welcome anyone curious about electronic music and festivals with open arms. Plus, the festival grounds are small enough that it’s easy to navigate without being overwhelmed. Sunset also goes the extra mile with dancers and entertainers to draw in the crowd for an experience beyond music. Its proximity to Tampa and Saint Petersburg airports also makes it more accessible compared to other Florida festivals.

Thank You, Sun-Setters

Despite minor glitches, SMF 2023 offered a stellar experience, further cementing its status in the Florida festival circuit. Beyond music, it served as an immersive hub with interactive photo backdrops, DJ-performed cool-down tents, festival merchandise, and scrumptious food and drinks. In sum, Sunset provided all the essentials for an unforgettable festival experience.

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