Skrillex release art for QFF/DGTC 23 and Rumble single, coverage by MP3 MAG

Skrillex, Fred again.. and Flowdan Release ‘Rumble’ Into the Wild

“Yo, listen, you hear that? Killas in the jungle.”

It started with a mysterious social media post on the first day of 2023: “QFF/DGTC 23” — meaning the highly anticipated studio return of Skrillex was nearly, finally, and graciously upon us.

“Rumble,” the first single teased from the new album(s?) from the artist who gifted the world Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (2010), is the result of collaboration we never knew we needed. Featuring the sensational Fred again.. and striking, powerful vocals from MC mainstay Flowdan, “Rumble” punches listeners straight in the gut and shows no mercy with its striking audio design and unforgettable percussion that mark the Skrillex revival.

From the sound of droplets that ease us into the track’s uneasy ambiance to the multiple tempo switch-ups that bring us back and forth into “the jungle,” this hard-hitting track sets the stage for a groundbreaking year of releases from Skrillex and his collaborators. Stunning audiences with staple dubstep/grime classics “Welcome to London” and “Horror Show Style,” Flowdan comes through the gates on fire on “Rumble,” anchoring listeners through the single’s pounding basslines and melodic unpredictability.

When the London Boiler Room Fred again.. set was unleashed to the world, eager fans flocked to the same memorable timestamp time and time again to replay minutes 55 through 59 and rehear the debut — and well-deserved spinback — of “Rumble.”

“Everything he touches turns to gold” is a phrase easily applied to Flowdan, Fred again.., and Skrillex individually, making this monstrous collaboration a belated Boxing Day gift or Christmas present for fans of electronic music all over the world.

With nearly 20 tracks supposedly included in the highlight reel posted earlier this week, fans can expect much, much more from the iconic artist in 2023 and beyond. For now, we are perfectly content to “hear the rumble” and await the next move by Skrillex.


Shaina Sklar is a Digital Editor for MP3 MAG. She is a writer and editor based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, co-operates Soundsystem Cultures, an events and audio production company, and she has been previously published with Street Ritual.
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