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The Odyzey Label: CloZee Reveals Mission, Future of Her Eclectic Imprint [Q&A]

French-born and Denver-based CloZee, or Chloé Herry, has taken the electronic world by storm. She has cultivated highly unique and progressive music fueled by organic sound design, booming bass, and freely flowing melodies. Taking significant inspiration from nature and her travels, her music offers a transcendent journey to a new dimension of music. This enigmatic sound has been dubbed “World Bass.” 

I never knew how to describe my style of music,” CloZee told MP3 MAG.” It blends so many influences, genres. I liked the term World Bass to describe in general my tracks that have global music influences, with the use of instruments from around the world, not just electronicI love the fact that their music made me travel instantly when I listened to it. That’s when I started including more global sounds.”

Where It Began

Though she’s deeply beloved in the bass community, CloZee hopes that her recently formed label Odyzey Music will not be seen as simply a bass music label. In keeping with her eclectic and futuristic style, the label is striving to highlight a diverse array of forward-thinking electronic music. 

Odyzey was started for the love of supporting music I love,” she added. “There are so many talented artists out there that do not get the platform they deserve, and I’m hoping to help shine a little light on them.“

Odyzey Music was founded in 2020 with the inagural release of CloZee’s acclaimed Neon Jungle, followed up by an impressive remix album featuring Lane 8, Opiou, and Of The Trees. Another notable release has been Tripp St.’s stunning debut Welcome to Tripp St. The Toulouse-born producer also made a new home for herself in the bass capital of the world, Denver, Colorado. 

The vision of the label is to explore the diversity of electronic music. The sound of the label is special. It’s not one genre, it’s not one sound, it’s a vibe.

All About The Music

Regarding the direction and sound of the label, CloZee said, “I don’t see Odyzey as a bass music label. Sure, some of the music on the label will definitely be bass driven, but we are trying to keep this label organic and vibrant!

Just as they strive to be expansive and diverse in their music, Odyzey Music hopes to foster a community and serve as more than just a record label. Just over a year since their genesis, the label has already taken a big step on that front, putting on their first festival this past Summer. 

The 2-night Voyage Festival took place in Wyoming while presenting a focus of exploring music and visuals alongside art and culture. The event incorporated things like yoga, sound baths, live art, and creative performances, in addition to highlighting acts like Tripp St. LSDREAM, NotLö and VEIL.

The Voyage Festival was a huge undertaking for a young label,” said CloZee. “We had only had a couple releases out [when] we launched it, but we were so excited to curate an experience for the community.  Our love for art, music, and performance blended at the Odyzey event, and everything about it was for the fan experience. We will definitely be hosting more concepts like this in the future.”

Top Releases

Odyzey Music released their first compilation in September, Volume 1 of their Muzique series. It’s a beautiful and well curated collection of tracks from some seriously talented producers, big and small. It paradoxically delivers a mix of mind-melting and brain-soothing music, but leans more towards soothing. Muzique Vol. 1 showcases a diversity of rhythm and compositions unlike anything else. It offers an exciting glimpse into some of the producers that are pushing the boundaries of sound and making electronic music feel increasingly infinite.

“This [compilation] means so much to me as we expand the label and continue to curate the sound of the label,” said CloZee. “There are some amazing artists on there that I love and hope to work with them more in the future.”

CloZee also released her own EP this past August, Nouvelle Era, and she’s sure to have plenty of insane music to play on her long awaited Neon Jungle Tour. It kicks off with a show at Denver’s new Meow Wolf Convergence Station on October 2, and then a sold out show at Red Rocks on October 10. She’s bringing some of bass music’s best and brightest across the US with her this Fall and Winter as she continues her rise to the upper echelon of the electronic world. Click here for more info on the Neon Jungle tour.

How to Submit

Artists can submit music to Odyzey here.

Reed Albrittain is a music lover through and through. From bluegrass to techno to indie rock, he holds a deep appreciation and understanding of music. He has written for music sites like ThisSongIsSick and Indie Shuffle. He also works with Backline Partners to program live music at various locations around the US.