Benny Bridges Press Photo

Benny Bridges

Benny Bridges After co-founding indie electronic group and label Fantastic Voyage, Benny Bridges soon caught the itch to depart on his own sonic expedition. At a time when he was struggling with self-doubt, an introspective Bridges took time to explore his own relationship with music, and found the process of creating an album to be […]

Lab Group press photo

Lab Group

Lab Group Lab Group represents a unique amalgamation of skill sets and ideas that occurs when producers of different backgrounds put their brains together. Rest in peace, Charlesthefirst. GALLERY READ MORE

ASW Press Photo


ASW The astronomer Kepler believed that out of the Big Bang resonated a single harmonic consonant tone that rang out through every atom, every building block for the Universe that we know. A Single Wave (ASW) ties together all. Lightness and Love, and Shadows. GALLERY READ MORE

THRASHA Press Photo


THRASHA Thriving on energy from her passion for music, Colorado Producer THRASHA is reinjecting positivity into today’s Dubstep scene. Born in Boston, MA, Cheyanne Muska was always drawn to music, particularly live shows and music festivals. Muska began producing music under an alias, MVSKA. Early on, she distinguished herself for intense bass production and vervent […]

live photo of wreckno at yonderville music festival in june 2022


Wreckno Brandon Wisniski aka Wreckno is taking over the bass scene and he’s doing it his way. On and off the stage, this empowering 24-year-old queer musician stays shining and grinding at all times, as he serves up fresh, fierce beats for the masses. Fueled by Wreckno’s burning passion for electronic music and performance, the […]

Tenth Mountain Division press photo

Tenth Mountain Division

Tenth Mountain Division Born in the fertile breeding grounds of the mountains of Colorado, Tenth Mountain Division is continuing the musical legacy set down by their forefathers in Colorado. Like those that came before, Tenth Mountain Division is pushing the sound found in the mountains into bold, new directions with their exploratory take on Americana […]

Nala press photo


Nala Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Nala got her start playing in underground nightclubs where she developed a reputation as a reliable tastemaker and energetic performer. Her knowledge of deep house, techno, and breaks made her a versatile and compelling choice for the local market and helped to establish her “as one of […]

Sippy Press Photo


Sippy Sippy is a Sydney based bass music machine. Anyone who’s spent time on the Australian bass music circuit knows the name. She’s built her career blasting her signature gut-rattling seizure-inducing sounds through the sound systems of her country’s famous clubs and festivals, including residencies at Chinese Laundry and The World Bar, and a graduate […]

Freddy Todd Press Photo

Freddy Todd

Freddy Todd Words will inevitably fail to properly describe Freddy Todd. Genre-busting could be an understatement. You can’t pin him down with lexicon like lazer-bass and glitch-funk; these phrases fall way short of capturing the expressiveness, fearlessness, and space-traveling qualities of his music. Hearing his music is akin to being abducted by an extra-terrestrial cruise […]

Canabliss Press Photo


Canabliss Hailing from Toronto, Samantha Infusini, or Canabliss, is a born creative to her very core. With what can only be referred to as an artistic eye, her background is a colorful palette of different mediums, ranging from photography, music, and immersing herself in the digital world through video games. She has also earned the […]