Press photo of Muzzy Bearr

Muzzy Bearr

Muzzy Bearr Born and raised at the intersection of Motown and Techno, Detroit native Daniel Hacker, aka Muzzy Bearr, grew up playing any instrument he could get his hands on. This rich musical background laid the foundations of what turned into years of supporting major artists on some of the nation’s largest stages, from Red […]

The Jungle Giants press photo

The Jungle Giants

The Jungle Giants The Jungle Giants have come to be known as Australian indie-rock royalty, amassing awards and more than half a billion streams worldwide. They’ve been evolving since the gleaming indie-pop of their 2013 debut album Learn to Exist gave way to eclectic post-punk on 2015’s Speakerzoid and angular dance-rock on 2017’s Quiet Ferocity. […]

Press Photo of KHIVA


Khiva Khiva is a music producer and songwriter.Honouring a deep longing to convey a passion that arises from somewhere far beneath a visible reality, Khiva attempts to bring the deep-rooted to the surface. Finding her true love within sonic sculpture and nurturing a propensity toward the emotionally fuelled and often dramatic, bass-driven 140-centric styles offer […]

Press photo Ruku


Ruku Art is a form of unity, expression and pure joy. The human experience is more fulfilling when we come together to make beautiful things matter. We have the power to use the vulnerability of our experience to uplift each other and help better understand ourselves and the world around us. There is so much […]

Lamorn Press Photo


Lamorn With a sound defined by both the thrill of the future and potent nostalgia, Lamorn defies the boundaries of electronic music. At just 18 years old, Lamorn’s musical prowess knows no limits — he’s a bright-eyed multi-instrumentalist with the world at his fingertips. Those who seek warmth and exhilaration will find a home within […]

Polo & Pan Press Photo

Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan Polo & Pan are a French music duo consisting of Paul Armand-Delille (aka Polocorp or Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (aka Peter Pan or Pan). Their music style incorporates a mixture of house-electronic music influenced by tropical sounds and music from all over the world. The duo has released two studio albums and […]

Benny Bridges Press Photo

Benny Bridges

Benny Bridges After co-founding indie electronic group and label Fantastic Voyage, Benny Bridges soon caught the itch to depart on his own sonic expedition. At a time when he was struggling with self-doubt, an introspective Bridges took time to explore his own relationship with music, and found the process of creating an album to be […]

Lab Group press photo

Lab Group

Lab Group Lab Group represents a unique amalgamation of skill sets and ideas that occurs when producers of different backgrounds put their brains together. Rest in peace, Charlesthefirst. GALLERY READ MORE

ASW Press Photo


ASW The astronomer Kepler believed that out of the Big Bang resonated a single harmonic consonant tone that rang out through every atom, every building block for the Universe that we know. A Single Wave (ASW) ties together all. Lightness and Love, and Shadows. GALLERY READ MORE

THRASHA Press Photo


THRASHA Thriving on energy from her passion for music, Colorado Producer THRASHA is reinjecting positivity into today’s Dubstep scene. Born in Boston, MA, Cheyanne Muska was always drawn to music, particularly live shows and music festivals. Muska began producing music under an alias, MVSKA. Early on, she distinguished herself for intense bass production and vervent […]