Press photo of Lilith Klassen.

Lilith Klassen Discusses Her Life as an Author, Artist, & Founder of Jungle Dreaming Festival

Lilith Klassen, better known as iLLith, began her journey with music at a very young age. Learning to play piano at just four years old, her love for music blossomed, followed by an interest in many other instruments, including the guitar.  As a lover of the punk music scene, she began working as a radio […]

Tim Clark Press Photo

Warner Music Group’s Tim Clark Shares Valentine’s Day-Themed Single, “Forgiving Hearts”

As far as entrepreneurs go in the dance music scene, Tim Clark, comes foremost with his dual reputation for business and dance bangers. Timed with a release on Valentine’s Day, his new single, “Forgiving Hearts,” is an “emotional story of overcoming addiction and finding forgiveness” that still finds relevance in its vitality for the dance […]

WAV AWARDS Top Events of the Year

The WAV Awards: Favorite Artists of 2022

When we reflect on 2022, many of us found ourselves celebrating, vibing out, and healing to music from our favorite artists. From January to December, many established artists and rising stars solidified their place in the music world. Here are a few who made a big impact. Alix Perez In much of the underground music […]

So Sus Press Photo

So Sus Makes FUXWITHIT Debut with Trap & Wave Inspired Single, ‘Derealization’

Vancouver-based producer So Sus has continued his rise in acclaim recently, finding success and growing fandom behind releases with Circus, Deadbeats, and Alter/Ego. Yesterday, the Canadian act made his debut with hard hitting label, FUXWITHIT, with his latest genre-defying single, “Derealization.” Inspired by the growing genres of trap and wave, “Derealization” is an experimental fusion […]

BreakBomb Joins Forces with Maxine For Inspirational Single, “Gasoline”

Brandon Greenstein, the musical genius behind The BreakBomb Project is an emerging name in the EDM scene. After dropping his debut single, “World,” in 2018, BreakBomb has gone on to create an extensive library of melodic hits that culminated in his first album, The Project. Today, BreakBomb aims to continue his hot streak with his […]

STS9 press photo

STS9 Makes Highly Anticipated WAKAAN Debut With A Nine-Track Live Mixtape

Over the last two decades, jamtronica band STS9 has become a pioneer of sound within the electronic music scene. With 20 years in the making, today, STS9 has teamed up with renowned music label WAKAAN to bring forth their extremely anticipated nine-track live mixtape. Featuring live recordings of previously released tracks, this progressive mixtape serves […]

Release artwork for Tim Green release on All Day I Dream

Tim Green Makes His Return to ADID with Angelic Single ‘Lune’

Crafting his masterful sense of minimalism and resonating melodies through his sound, Tim Green drops his highly anticipated single “Lune” on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream record label. From start to finish, the nine-and-a-half-minute track sweeps melodic undertones, heavenly synths, and stirring percussions, causing listeners to immerse in a musical voyage. As soothing drum […]

Release artwork for Spangled, a new single from DJ and producer Chee

Chee Leaves Listeners Starry-Eyed With New Track ‘Spangled’ via Deadbeats

Most know of Deadbeats as Zeds Dead’s absolute heater of a label that pushes some of the most talented and eclectic music to ever grace the base scene. This legacy continues as South African producer Chee brings his signature sound to the label. As his one and only solo release in 2022 thus far, Chee […]

skysia and illoh release artwork

Skysia and illoh Release ‘Fragments,’ a Timeless Design of Ethereal Bass

Carrying the torch for the next generation of organic bass, Denver-based producers Skysia and illoh effortlessly fuse ethereal soundscapes in their latest release, “Fragments.” The single is a tasteful track composed of nature-inspired melodies and earthy-toned frequencies, popular amongst the modern downtempo electronic producer. Producer and composer Tanner Allen, Skysia, developed a harmonious production process, […]

AYYBO's Move like this artwork

Viral Tech House Producer AYYBO Drops Latest Single ‘MOVE LIKE THIS’

Hailing from Anaheim, California, rising tech house DJ and producer AYYBO releases his latest single “MOVE LIKE THIS” on Zeds Dead’s sublabel, Altered States. Since his elementary school days, Aaron Bonnema has been involved with using his creativity to bring his cinematography and design skills to life. Utilizing his growing TikTok page of over 16K […]