Tim Clark Press Photo

Warner Music Group’s Tim Clark Shares Valentine’s Day-Themed Single, “Forgiving Hearts”

As far as entrepreneurs go in the dance music scene, Tim Clark, comes foremost with his dual reputation for business and dance bangers. Timed with a release on Valentine’s Day, his new single, “Forgiving Hearts,” is an “emotional story of overcoming addiction and finding forgiveness” that still finds relevance in its vitality for the dance floor.

“‘Forgiving Hearts’” was written as an open love letter to my wife,” said Tim Clark via a Press Release. “The only way to be able to have success in a long-term relationship is that both [people] have to have ‘Forgiving Hearts’. Now, I wrote the song to leave the reasonings open to anyone’s interpretation. In my case, it was about a battle with addiction: my wife had had an issue with gambling and she was able to beat it. I’m so very proud of her because it took its toll on our family. But, we have forgiving hearts and better days are ahead of us.”

The deep and meaningful lyrics are accompanied by ethereal soundscapes and a hypnotic bassline. Fusing multiple sound components together, “Forgiving Hearts” is an infectious hybrid of a pop ballad and EDM tune.

Stream Tim Clark’s new single, “Forgiving Hearts ft. Robin Vane” below: