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bad tuner Delivers Electric Guest Mix, Talks Debut EP, self-care [Mix+Q&A]

Brooklyn-based house producer bad tuner is known for making music entrenched in a sophisticated and narrative-driven journey.

He’s created remixes for the likes of TOKiMONSTA, Two Another and CLAVVS, had releases on Kitsuné and Young Art Records and performed alongside A-Trak, Nosaj Thing, Bon Entendeur and Catching Flies.

After a turbulent year wrought with uncertainty, the multi-instrumentalist found a way to cope and convey his own personal experience by using music as an outlet. The result is self-care, a collection of four tracks that ooze emotion and rhythm. self-care is bad tuner’s “contribution to maintaining the well-being of the music industry.”

self-care was written throughout quarantine, highlighting the need for human connection,” said bad tuner. “This last year has been extremely isolating and writing these songs was my way of coping with the change in my life. Some songs express longing, others are more playful and fun – but all circle back to the idea of music as a means of self-care.”

With so much momentum behind him, MP3 MAG caught up with the colorful producer to discuss his EP, as well as what got him started in music.

Check out our full Q&A with bad tuner below:

What’s the origin of the bad tuner project? When did you decide to make this your career?

bad tuner started with the idea of combining the timelessness of house music with the sounds of vocalists all around the world. It started in my bedroom in Brooklyn, using vintage synths and chopping up found sounds — later developing into collaborations with singers and poets. Since the beginning I’ve wanted to make this my career, but always look at it as an opportunity and an escape rather than a job.

What prompted you to start making electronic music?

I love the unconventionality of electronic music – from the arrangement to the sound design. Working with synths, samples, and vocals I am able to create a world that I can only imagine in my head.

Was there a particular artist or song that inspired you?

Definitely inspired loads by The Chemical Brothers – both their sound deign but their ability to transcend eras in electronic music. Their sound is relevant, fresh and simultaneously timeless which is something that I strive for.

How would you describe your style of production? What instruments do you add to the mix/play?

I’d say it’s pretty raw, focusing on trying to convey an emotion. It’s not straight house by any means, definitely some downtempo/chill stuff going on too. I play keys (synths) and program the drums!

How did the past year—pandemic, quarantine, etc—affect your creative process? Were you able to get a lot done this past year?

I’ve written loads of new music and collaborated with artists around the world. A lot of art types had lots of down time this year so that made collaborating easier as other life activities weren’t happening. I’ve also been focusing on developing my sound and creative direction.

What about your Brooklyn background do you identify with as a person and/or artist?

Definitely – The Brooklyn music scene is awesome and I’m proud to be able to play here. There are amazing venues and a real fan base for music that takes risks. That is seriously special and I’m grateful to call Brooklyn home!

You’re releasing your EP, self-care, on LG105, a new division of Virgin UK. What does it mean to release with an international label/platform like Virgin?

It’s very cool to have a team across the pond. It allows me to have my feet in NY developing my sound/show here and then have the music being pushed all around the world. It’s very exciting to work with a new label too as they are enthusiastic about the project.

What are you most excited/proud of with this new EP? How does it differ from previous releases?

I’m most excited to have worked with a myriad of artists, dancers, vocalists, photographers, producers — it’s really cool to collaborate with so many creatives to help bring the vision to life

What else is coming up for the bad tuner project we should know about?

Loads of new music on the way. 







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