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Bass Boosted 001 Feat. LSDREAM, Mersiv, Kyral x Banko, & More [Playlist]

MP3 MAG Presents Bass Boosted, a monthly playlist series that highlights the top releases, artists and sounds that emerge from the bass scene.

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“Supercritical” – Opalyte (Single)

“Morse Code” – Mersiv (Single)

“Snoitch” – Kyral x Banko (Snoitch EP)

“Hereafter” – Guppi (Ocean Floor EP)

“Instinct” – Kumarion (Single)

“Boudless Thought” – Dream Pusha (Single)

“For Now” – Charlesthefirst (Solus LP)

“Blast Like” – Bear Grillz, Sippy (Single)

“Turn Up” – Chee (Turn Up EP)

“Ease Your Mind” – GRiZ, Ganja White Night (Single)

“Till the Day I Die” – Lucii (Single)

“Propane” – Eptic (Single)

“Chronos” – KOAN Sound (Single)

“Pull the Trigger” – SoDown, Bass Physics (Single)

“Boundless Perception” – Player Dave, FLY (Where the Wind Blew Me LP)

“Vendetta For Cupid” – Moore Kismet, TYGHKO (Single)

“Absymal” – NotLö (Emergence Compilation)

“Boolin'” – Kyral x Banko, MZG (Single)

“Four 15’s VIP” – Smoakland (Modern Throwback LP)

“Velcro” – Dank Frank (Single)

“Drifting” – Canabliss (Single)

“She’s Alright” – Chris Karns, MZG (Single)

“Wonke” – Mport, Stoic (Headspace EP)

“Nine Lives” – Templo, Pretty Bobby (Turbo Digital EP)

“Tartian Nights” – Freddy Todd (Moonflavours II)

“Hypnotic” – Kyral x Banko, Dario Angelo (Snoitch EP)

“Like a Feather” (ill.Gates Remix) – Eko Zu (Like a Feather Remixes EP)

“Watching From a Distance” – Esseks