Chime Press photo

Chime Reunites with Monstercat on New Single, “Bring Me Back”

Chime is a rising producer project that has picked up traction blending a variety of sounds and styles. Producing since 2010, he has released under multiple aliases, but continues to pick up steam behind his Chime project, which coalesces melodic and heavier bass into his own patented style, dubbed “color bass”.

On November 28, the producer returned to Monstercat with a brand new single, “Bring Me Back,” which packs a futuristic bassline and showcases why fans should be excited about “color bass.”

’Bring Me Back’ is a track that aims to capture the tricky combination of an old-school UK vibe with colour-bass, exploring sides of my personality that are seemingly at odds with each other,” said Chime via a 2022 press release.

Originating from the UK, Chime is an artist project from the brilliant mind of Harvey Goldfinch. With his unique “color bass” style and influence from his deep love for video games, Chime has been rising rapidly within the ranks of the worldwide bass scene with a slew of major releases since the alias’s debut in 2015.