Orang Utan press photo

Orang Utan’s “Sugarmama” Receives Edit Treatment from Dimitri Vegas

With 100,000-plus songs releasing on streaming services daily, its hard to stand out amongst the masses in EDM today. Unless, of course, you are rising duo, Orang Utan, who have continued to forge their own unique sound and path. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, the producers blend aspects of indie, progressive house, and electro-funk for a distinct sound that’s earned them international attention.

For their next act, the duo has released an official edit from Dimitri Vegas on their latest single, “Sugarmama.”

Full of mystery, Orang Utan are an anonymous act who wear ape masks in their music videos and live performances. Emerging in 2021, their debut single, “Who’s Your Love”, received viral attention and received syncs on multiple Netflix shows, as well as in EA Sports’ FIFA 2022. Between “Who’s Your Love” and their follow-up single “What Goes Up?”, Orang Utan has garnered more than three million collective streams.

The “Sugarmama” edit is a sure-fire dancefloor hit that opens with a funky bassline and uplifting vocal cuts. The track delivers further melodic elements by way of mesmerizing piano and a futuristic drop. Working with the global phenom and industry veteran Dimitri Vegas, Orang Utan showcases their musical prowess and creativity in this rendition of this new track.