Josh Teed LP release artwork for Recurring Dreams

Violinist/Bass Producer Josh Teed Releases New LP, ‘Recurring Dreams’

Genre-merging artist Josh Teed brings his unique blend of hard-hitting bass and outside-the-box violinistry to ears around the world with his new LP release, Recurring Dreams on Gravitas Records.

From start to finish, the LP tells its own unique story. Featuring many collaborations with artists such as Daggz, Shanghai Doom, IZZI, Jason Leech, Eyezic, and Super Future, the album provides a wide range of different sounds and talents to create an eccentric experience.

Beginning the show with, “Nightmare Sonata,” this track opens up the album with mesmerizing instrumentation such as the violin and horns. As it progresses, the heavy bass slowly starts to creep in, building the suspense for the hard drop to come shortly after. In the LP’s title track, “Recurring Dreams,” the vocals describe why we have repetitive dreams, and what they truly mean. The first drop showcases a more downtempo instrumental side that reels the violin back in, while still providing that heavy-hitting bass sound.

“Hypnagogia” is a collaboration with the incredibly talented Jason Leech, who also showcases his talent with live instruments by adding dreamy piano vibes to this track. “Zones Of Reality” closes the curtains for the album with that classic Josh Teed sound, combining the violins with heaviness to wrap up a perfect journey of sound. These are just a few of the tracks that are featured in the album, but to truly understand the creative story behind this project, fans will have to listen to the masterpiece themselves.

“Recurring Dreams was a labor of love, taking just over two years to finish,” says Teed. “The vision behind the release was to push the envelope in regard to the marriage of instrumentalism and melody with experimental sound design and heavy bass. There is an immense range throughout the project, from dark and heavy tunes to the beautiful and ethereal side, I wanted it to encompass the full range of emotion.”

It is not every day in the electronic music scene that live music is able to touch the soul in the ways Josh Teed’s music does. With the combination of live instruments blended with his heavy bass production, his sound is unlike any other. Recurring Dreams is the perfect example of that, with a mix of ethereal melodies as well as captivating bass that creates something truly special to fans all over.

With 24 tour dates stretching into early 2023, the Recurring Dreams Tour has just begun, featuring support artists Zen Selekta, ST4RFOX, Mantra Sounds, Daggz, Grayskale, and Mfinity.

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