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Orbital Share New Single Off Forthcoming Album

English electronic music duo Orbital released a new single today, “Ringa Ringa (The Old Pandemic Folk Song),” featuring The Mediaeval Baebes. The track, released via London Records, is the second single off of Orbital’s upcoming album, Optical Delusion, due out February 17, 2023.

Following the lead single, “Dirty Rat”, a collaboration with Sleaford Mods, this new single showcases what fans can expect from their latest extended body of work.

“It was a track made in the pandemic and I felt a real pull to use the vocal from Ring O’Roses, the original pandemic song from the Middle Ages,” said Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll. “It made me feel a connection with all those who suffered before without the help of our modern technology. The music reflects the modern world while The Mediaeval Baebes vocals take us back to the times it has happened before, an old song becomes relevant again.”

The new album has been yielded from a post-pandemic creative renaissance for the two brothers, who have managed to stick around since the late 80’s acid house scene.

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