Claude VonStroke album artwork for Freaks and Beaks remix album

Claude VonStroke Reincarnates ‘Freaks & Beaks’ with Remix Album

DirtyBird Campout Counselor and record label boss man Claude VonStroke blesses the world of tech-funk house by releasing a special remix pack of the iconic Freaks & Beaks album that was released in 2020.

Claude VonStroke selected these exciting new remixes himself and made sure to exemplify a fresh new approach to bass-driven funk from DirtyBird favorites and initiates.

VNSSA dials in a perfect display of buzzing high-energy beats with a hint of wonkiness on “These Notes In This Order.” Rodriguez Jr. rinses a deep style of tech-house in “YoungBlood,” which was curated flawlessly by utilizing riveting sequences and fluttering synths for an underground acid-influenced soundscape.

Breakbeats maestro Nikki Nair amplifies his taste of gritty basslines, eerie vocals, and glitchy chords onto “FlubbleBuddy.” Shiba San and French producer Millad went back to back remastering “All My People In The House” by using bright, yet distorted drums and basslines.

Steve Darko also had a whirl at “All My People In The House” and dominated the rework by generating quirky riffs and bouncy rhythms that symbolize the weird elements of DirtyBird’s sound. Being the muse for the track “Frankie Goes To Bollywood,” French producer Frankie put his retirement on pause and recreated a groovy dancefloor banger.

Listen to the album:

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