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No April Fool’s: Doorly Releases Two-Track EP “Acid Hearts”

Esteemed DJ Doorly’s new project “Acid Hearts” includes two tracks. With steady beats and self-awareness, this project is sure to become a staple in the house scene.

The track “Give Me Love” entrances the listener from the first driving drum and bass loop. Around the 45 second mark, the lyrics begin to vibrate through the tune. “Give me love. Give me love that I can hold on to,” the singer alerts the listener they are in an open and comforting space. A place for exploration on the quest to find love. Futuristic techno synth beats reverberate through the second-half of the song, as if the listener is delving into the chemical response being in “love” elicits. This is definitely a groovy club song to throw on when you want to unleash and dance.

The other track “Brothers and Sisters” features Gene Farris and implements percussive instruments and popping sounds at the beginning of the tune. The background popping fades into what sounds like dogs yipping, framing the lyrics, “brothers and sisters, I don’t know what this world is coming to.” This refrains throughout the beat buildup to the imminent beat drop. Although the lyrics suggest a curious mind asking about the state of the world, something about the production of this track provides a sense of calm. The beat swells and then the singer says, “you gotta get it together, we gotta work together.” The confident call ebbs the anxiety of the undetermined future. You find yourself in a trance, similar to what you find at festival and house show sets where you can simply close your eyes and immerse yourself in the song and vibe.