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Dream Pusha Brings Bass and Imagination in “Boundless Thought” via Wormhole Music Group [Listen]

Upcoming producer Dream Pusha is all beat and bass on his new single, “Boundless Thought,” released last Friday. The track marks the first 2021 release from popular label Wormhole Music Group, who’s worked with similar artists like Mersiv, CharlestheFirst and more. 

Immediately grabbing attention, the new track starts with echoing ripples, like water drops in a dark, electric cave. Bass kicks in at the :13-mark, with an array of quick percussions taking over the track for the build-up. Before the drop, Dream Pusha takes control and slows it all down for a gritty bass solo that leads listeners down an endless spiral of “boundless thought” and endless bass.

With clever snares, the track picks up speed at the 1:22-mark. Again, Pusha teases with another pause, another build up and finally, a nasty bass drop that leads to eerie sounds and echoes that work perfectly in rhythm to the end of the song. 

Stream “Boundless Thought” below:

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