Fractalliance Family Photo

Fractalliance Leads Way For Visual Arts Community During the Pandemic [Feature]

This issue was originally written in September of 2020.

A global pandemic is enough to shutter anyone’s doors, but a few and fortunate have managed to find resiliency and success during these strange times. While live streams have provided the means to keep engagement going for both musicians and fans, perhaps no one has benefited more than visual/production artists.

In recent years, visual artists have gained more and more recognition in the music community, finding their way onto show and festival lineups increasingly more. Artists like Android Jones have helped pave the way, but since the pandemic began up-and-coming VJs are the ones who have truly shined. One group that’s leading the way for visual artists today is Florida-based audio-visual collective, Fractalliance. 

“Fract” is a production group that strives to bring creative awareness of up-and-coming visual artists and musicians to the arts community. They not only curate cutting-edge events, but strive to create fully immersive audio-visual experiences with their vast network of artist talent. In their immediate artist family, the group is held down by producers like Bagsss and Jeffufu and led by visual artists UTAW Visuals and VJ Kobra.

“We’ve managed to connect artists on performances for multi-day digital festivals A Digital Empire, SummerEyes Digital Festival and HIHF’s Cabin Fever Fest,” said Alessandro Patricolo, co-founder and artist himself (performs as ZANDRO).

Since the start of the pandemic, Fract’s visual artists have completed hundreds of visualizers for artists like Shlump, DMVU, Smoakland and more, while being featured performers for events like SummerEyes and Electric Hawk’s Harmony Festival. Once included as an afterthought of a show’s production, these artists are finding a way to surpass relevancy and demand respect.

“The VJ community has been popping off,” said VJ Kobra, who spoke with EDM while preparing visuals for the MP3DU livestream. “We are constantly hustling, creating content and learning new visual programs so we can keep things fresh and exciting. However, I think the community as a whole has made leaps, such as putting the VJ’s names on the announcements and flyers. Putting a name and face behind the visual art reminds people that we are real people doing this, which is great in terms of recognition.”

Partnering with high-tier collectives and MP3DU, the Fract team has been able to bring fans top-of-the-line audio-visual performances from the comfort of their living room. Most recently, the collective even partnered with G-Space’s label, Iceberg Productions,and filmed a full stage setup powered by Vivid Sky Productions. Longterm, the group looks to provide these experiences not just nationally, but across the globe.