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Explore the Latest Saga of the Kyral x Banko Snoitch-verse on Greenside / Beanside EP

Today, Denver-based artists Kyral x Banko unveil the latest saga of their Snoitch universe via the Greenside / Beanside EP.  Released via Mersiv’s MorFlo Records, the ambitious EP immerses listeners into the duo’s outrageous and off-the-wall universe – enveloped in high-energy, creativity, and cutting-edge experimental Bass.

Collin Burdick and Bennett Kohler met in 2012 on campus at the University of Illinois. Burdick, an already well-known DJ on campus, quickly meshed with Kohler, who had been producing hip-hop beats since high school. Their sound has grown from heavy trap roots to a more experimental, inventive approach that incorporates both bass and hip-hop elements. Original rap vocals, live drums and a barrage of transitions through tempos and genres fuel the unrivaled energy of their stage performance.

In March 2021, the duo made their debut with the WAKAAN label via the EP, Snoitch, an all-encompassing term born out of the zesty and eclectic KxB universe. The 4-track project premiered via This Song Is Sick, and gave fans a psychedelic look into their lives, interests and imagination. 

“The journey of doing our illustrations started at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been a constant learning and growing experience since, and visually redefined the KxB brand. We’re going to keep learning more and evolving our process with every new piece we do.”

While the duo has worked to make this a household term among the Bass community, they’ve waited until now to tell this animated tale’s next chapter. The Snoitch EP fueled a creative journey that in essence created an entire cartoon universe. The cover art of Greenside / Beanside is illustrated by Burdick, and depicts Kyral x Banko coming to a fork in the road on their journey through the Snoitch-verse. They are met by a larger-than-life creature, Gregorny the Portal Master – who offers colorful paths leading to separate portals. Each path takes on a life of its own defined by Snoitch-y characters, plant life, and a vivid array of colors.

“Greenside / Beanside is more of a deep dive into the creative mindset and execution of the KxB project.” 

Kyral x Banko

The Snoitch-verse is where all things come to life. The Greenside / Beanside EP gives listeners a peek into a more finite part of the vast, endless space that Kyral x Banko have created. Since they began nearly 10 years ago, Kyral x Banko’s goal has been to develop the brand as far as they can possibly take it. The GS / BS finds the duo  as confident as ever, and providing the purest look into our lives and creativity.

Greenside / Beanside is a journey aimed to convey the different sides of expressions through just two of the many portals of the Snoitch-verse. The music itself provides a more analog-focused sound in hopes to continue carving out the signature listeners have come to expect from KxB.

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