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From Inspired to Signed, How Lamorn Went From Deadmau5 Fan To His Newest Protégé [Interview]

For a kid that grew up idolizing the music of Deadmau5, and dreamed of making and playing electronic music, there is nothing more surreal than having those dreams confirmed as reality by the legend himself. But that’s exactly what happened to 18-year-old Phoenix resident, Seth Person, one morning in August of 2020. 

Person—aka Lamorn—sent in one of his tracks to Mau5trap Monday, a community oriented Twitch stream in which the legendary producer listens to demos and gives feedback. Deadmau5 was so impressed with the song that he promptly reached out to Lamorn and signed him to the Mau5trap label. According to Deadmau5, he has not been so excited about an artist “since discovering Skrillex.”

Probably one of the craziest days I’ll ever have,” Lamorn recalled to MP3 MAG. “When he heard [my song] and reacted so well, I was shaking and couldn’t understand what was going on. I’ve been such a big deadmau5 fan for pretty much my whole life… I’m still trying to process it all.”

Almost a year removed from that moment, Lamorn has certainly been given a lot more to process as he graduates high school and sets out on his journey as a musician with the support of one of his biggest idols. 

Growing up, Lamorn was intrigued with electronic music from an early age. Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Justice were inspirations for him, and he says he pretty much immediately wanted to know how they were making those sounds. His immersion into that world began at a young age when he was gifted with a keyboard by his father at age 7. Later, he says, he used to watch pictures and videos of DJs on the TV and try to emulate them, pumping up imaginary crowds in his room. Surely, Deadmau5’s luminescent helmet popped up on that screen a time or two.

Seth also learned guitar and went through a rock phase, but Daft Punk and Deadmau5 were always on in the background. “When [my rock phase] faded, I realized how much I loved electronic music and that became my main focus.” Around 7th grade, he delved further into producing, creating electro house while he learned the ins and outs of production, mixing, and mastering.

Once I got to the point that I wanted to, I started to go for a sound that made me feel something more nostalgic,” the producer added. “Production became second nature… I started simplifying things and I started loving my music more too.

Last month, he released “Physical Layer,” the song that caught Deadmau5’s attention and set the whole process in motion with the Mau5trap label. “‘Physical Layer’ is a good summary of all the little pieces of music that I really love.” Bringing together layers of lush synths with a groovy bassline and smooth guitar riffs, the song vibrantly jumps to life out of the speakers.

With this new single, audiences got a taste of Lamorn’s distinctive signature sound, one that he’s been dialing in over the past year. He calls the sound an “indie electro hybrid,” and promises that there’s much more in store. With just a handful of originals and remixes under his belt, Seth has already demonstrated a penchant for creative compositions, fleshed out with enchanting melodies and impeccable production technique. He’s done seamless remixes for unique acts like SHAED and Judah and the Lion, and took listeners on an auditory odyssey with his groovy synthwave take on Deadmau5 and Kiesza’s “Bridged by a Lightwave.”

The same day that “Physical Layer” was released, Lamorn played his first ever live show as support for Deadmau5, and in his hometown no less. Lamorn put together a live show where he could use his rock background, constructing his songs live with loops, synths, and his guitar.

Mixing those things together is a nice representation of what my music is.” Aside from perfecting his productions and live show, Lamorn is excited to feature his own vocals on some of his upcoming tracks as well. 

I started singing on my own tracks 3 years ago,” said Lamorn. “I tried to keep [singing and producing] separate for so long [but] I eventually realized that I am both of those things. So I started bringing them together and singing on my tracks. Writing lyrics and putting vocals on your songs is a very personal and gratifying experience.” 

Pairing his intricate compositions and beautiful melodies with lyrics certainly make for songs that feel even more organic and expressive, and fittingly Lamorn feels like this music is still authentic to him.

Lamorn unveiled to MP3 MAG that he’s going to be releasing music “pretty consistently” for the next few years, and is looking forward to taking his electrifying live show on tour and uncovering some of the mysteries that the music industry holds. With a larger platform and more resources comes more pressure, but luckily, he’s had some guidance from one of the most experienced DJs in the modern era of electronic music.

[Deadmau5] imparted a lot of valuable wisdom in one of the first conversations we had,” he recalled. “One of the main things he said that really stuck in my head was, ‘Do what’s important to do and what feels right to you, and not what would everyone else like.’

For me, just the idea of having a music career already started to put on the pressure, but I am starting to find that I get a lot of my happiness from writing songs that fulfill a personal purpose. I feel like they are unapologetically me. I love music in general, and I am finding that is something that will help keep that love alive.”







Reed Albrittain is a music lover through and through. From bluegrass to techno to indie rock, he holds a deep appreciation and understanding of music. He has written for music sites like ThisSongIsSick and Indie Shuffle. He also works with Backline Partners to program live music at various locations around the US.