Get to Know Suray Sertin, Montreal’s Rising Electronic Producer

Suray Sertin has an aesthetic that’s easy to love and impossible to ignore. His unique blend of “house, soulful electronic, chillwave and pop” has garnered him a loyal following far beyond his native Montreal. One of the EDM industry’s most influential duos, Zeds Dead, even took notice of Sertin and have featured him prominently on their Altered States label.

In a recent interview with MP3 MAG, Sertin opened up about his work with Altered States, as well as how he came into his own as an artist and producer.

Suray Sertin grew up in Drummondville, a small town outside of Montreal, Canada. With not much available in terms of a diverse music scene, Sertin listened mostly to Top 40 radio, until his uncle – whom he considers his biggest role model – introduced him to new sounds.

[My uncle] exposed me to artists such as Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins and Modeselektor, to name a few,” Sertin told MP3 MAG. “Their music inspired me a lot and helped me forge my own taste.”

Press photo of Suray Sertin
Photo Courtesy of Suray Sertin.

Sertin also credits the internet with expanding his musical horizons, and it was online where he first discovered “The Wave” by Cosmic Gate. This song captivated him, and he became mesmerized by the seemingly limitless potential of electronic music.

I stumbled upon [‘The Wave’] and was instantly fascinated by the unique sounds and textures of electronic music,” he said. “I was drawn to the way this genre felt limitless.

Sertin’s journey into music production began during high school, when he first heard Skrillex’s “First of the Year.” At first, he didn’t like the music, but it grew on him, and he soon found himself obsessed with it. A friend encouraged him to download Reason (a production software), and from there, he began his career in music production.

One defining moment for Sertin was his first performance in front of a live audience, which took place at a Christmas event at his high school.

The rush of joy and excitement solidified my desire to pursue music as a career,” he recalled. “From then on, I dedicated myself to getting better and better at this craft that is music production.”

Sertin’s hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off with his recent work with Zeds Dead and Altered States. In February 2022, he released his first single with the label, “U Left Me,” followed by “Midnight Delivery” three months later and “People” two months after that.

Through his work with Zeds Dead and Altered States, Sertin learned the importance of building community through music and staying true to his creative vision. He constantly pushes himself to innovate and diversify his already eclectic sound.

Press photo of Suray Sertin
Photo Courtesy of Suray Sertin.

I feel privileged to be associated with such a respected and influential duo in the electronic music scene,” Sertin said. “They have a sound that is instantly recognizable, and I think that they have achieved great success by staying true to their musical roots while also pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Sertin offers advice to other artists who may be struggling to find their identity, encouraging them to focus on what inspires them personally, experiment with different sounds and styles, and not be too hard on themselves. He acknowledges that finding one’s identity as an artist is a process that takes time and dedication.

I am always seeking out new things to do that can help me achieve new sounds and textures in my music, while still trying to keep it to my own taste,” he said. “Additionally, I’m constantly exploring different genres and styles of music and picking what I like about them to translate into my own productions. I think that this approach has allowed me to create music that is distinctive, while also appealing to a broad range of listeners.”

As for what’s next for Sertin, he promises some exciting releases are in the works. With his unique sound and dedication to innovation, Suray Sertin is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the EDM scene.

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