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Grooving in Harmony With MZG: Inside the Twin-Duo’s Quest to Release 23 Tracks in 2023

Two is better than one. This holds true for identical twin brothers Charles and Zach Weinert, better known as MZG. Their moniker stands for “monozygotic,” the scientific term for identical twins. Hailing from Florida and currently based in Denver, Colorado, their musical journey is a testament to the unwavering dedication that inspires their craft, their ability to push the boundaries of creativity.

MZG’s musical journey began individually, with each brother pursuing their own solo projects. It wasn’t long before they realized that their combined talents and shared musical vision could lead to something truly exceptional. Living in Florida — which they describe as a “great incubator” — their sound was inspired by hip-hop and trap music. 

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Photo courtesy of MZG.

Before we moved to Denver, our sound was, in many ways, more jazzy and hip-hop. But right before we moved [to Denver], we started to make some heavier bass music,” Charles said in an exclusive interview with MP3 MAG ahead of their Hulaween performance later this month. 

Even still, there’s no denying their sound has become more bass driven since moving to the bass music mecca five years ago. “It’s funny how that works. Some people are just such a product of their environment,”  Zach said. Denver, one of the most fertile grounds for growing bass artists and dubstep superstars, was exactly the environment they needed.

At the beginning of 2023, MZG set a lofty goal of making 23 songs throughout the year, which they are on track to achieve. Having released only a few songs between the pandemic and 2022, Charles said, “This whole 23 releases thing has really been us making up for a lot of lost time.” 

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Photo courtesy of MZG.

Their productivity and output is a true testament to how far dedication and discipline can take you. The twins reported that in taking on this challenge they have finally reached a state of flow and that their confidence as artists has increased tremendously.

The beautiful thing is being able to hone in our craft and get more organized,” Zach said. “It’s really great to set goals for yourself and then follow through with [them]. It’s great for your mental space, and the confidence you gain is wonderful.” 

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MZG performing at GRiZ’s annual “Another World” event in Denver, Colorado, 2022. Photo courtesy of MZG.

MZG’s creative process is a harmonious blend of ideas and unique skill sets. Once a solid concept is formed, Zach takes on the meticulous task of mixing and mastering, ensuring that the sonic landscape is perfectly crafted. Simultaneously, Charles focuses on creating and finalizing the artwork, ensuring that their artistic vision is realized visually as well as sonically. Then, they regroup and polish the track until it is ready. Their recently released track, “BOWNCE” is a perfect example.

I feel like ‘BOWNCE’ has been my favorite,” Charles said. “It’s really kind of encompassed the sound and direction I feel like MZG is truly heading towards.”


But these bass driven beats are only one side of the cube that is MZG. To further showcase the duo’s range, MZG has started putting on curated sets to flaunt their arsenal of unreleased house music. 

Referencing a deep-seeded love for the genre, the duo reports that they used to make quite a bit of house-inspired tracks before taking a stab at their definitive bass-driven sound. “It just makes my heart sing. I love house music. I can’t get enough of it,” Zach said.

Over the summer of 2021, the twins were hanging out with Tim Gould from Desert Hearts who had recently moved to Denver from LA and introduced them to “some really good house music like Jamie Jones and Patrick Topping,” Zach said. “I had never heard house music like that.

Tim has a great way of blessing you with music you’ve never heard before,” Charles said. From that moment on, MZG has continually integrated house music into their performances, and dropped their first “Duplex” Mix on Soundcloud. 


Recently, they have begun putting on shows specifically catered to house music which they call “Duplex” shows. They also reportedly have a full body of house music, which has taken the back burner due to their lofty 23-releases-in-2023 goal. But have no fear, they plan to release much more house music next year. Charles added, “It’s nice that we have both sides of the coin to focus on.” 

Fans can expect two notable collaborations on the horizon, in addition to an EP or two in 2024. 

MZG will be returning to their roots in Florida for the tenth annual Suwannee Hulaween on Thursday, October 26. Having played at Hulaween every year since 2015, MZG’s journey is intimately intertwined with the festival’s growth and evolution. Their project has grown in tandem with Hulaween, creating a full-circle connection that continues to flourish. Charles went as far as to say “Sometimes I feel like Hulaween is my actual new year.

The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, nestled along the banks of the historic Suwannee River in Florida, is a hallowed ground for music lovers. Its enchanting, natural setting and rich cultural history create a magical backdrop for music festivals. Hulaween, an annual event hosted at Suwannee, embodies the very essence of this venue. It’s a transformative experience, where music, nature, and spirituality converge.

Suwannee Hulaween Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Historic Pretty Lights Return, More

The park’s ancient live oaks and pristine springs provide a unique and mystical ambiance, elevating the festival’s immersive atmosphere. Hulaween at Suwannee is not merely a music festival; it’s a celebration of art, creativity, and the boundless spirit of the human soul.

It’s funny, everytime we go to Suwannee, there’s lessons to be learned,” Zach said. “It’s such a teacher of sorts. It’s a very special place.”

Tickets for Hulaween 2023 are 100% sold out. If you’re attending, make sure to catch MZG, alongside other amazing acts like The String Cheese Incident, VEIL, KHIVA, Lab Group, EPROM, NotLö, & QRTR.

Feature photo shot by Jason Siegel.