Press photo of Hangout Festival (Courtesy of Alive Coverage)

Hangout Festival 2023 I 8 Essential Tracks to Know

Hangout Festival will grace Gulf Shores, Alabama, in about a month. With acts ranging from pop-punk masterminds and top talent in R&B to illuminating electronic acts, the lineup appeals to every festival-goer. Headliners include Paramore, SZA, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lil Nas X, Calvin Harris, and Flume.

Prepare for the most iconic Alabama festival with this playlist.

Paramore – “All I Wanted”

“All I Wanted” starts with a yearning melody comprised of Hayley Williams’ strong vocals over a distinct guitar and keys rhythm. Williams unleashes her raw vocal talent about a minute-and-a-half into the song, inviting listeners into a rapturous tale. It’s impossible not to scream, “All I wanted was you.”

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Skrillex – “Baby Again”

This collab between Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet is an addicting dance anthem to kick off Hangout Festival. The tune opens with a futuristic synth and a 4/4 drum and bass beat with crescendoing vocals and a refrain of, “Baby, he the realest, Baby probably got a couple million.” The vocals grow on the listener, and the track introduces elevated warped synth and scratching with each verse.

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Ashnikko – “Daisy”

Daisy seeks revenge on all the men and people who have caused her harm. She struts through life with confidence and leaves the flowers as calling cards. “Fuck a princess; I’m a king. Bow down and kiss on my ring,” Ashnikko sings in the self-assured proclamation.

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Moore Kismet – “Parallel Heartbreak”

“Last night, by myself again, dreaming too far ahead,” Pauline Herr’s vocals invite the listener into a smooth track before the vocals melt into an infectious dance beat, replicating the sound of a broken heart. This track is perfect for festival-goers looking to explore the experimental side of bass music.

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Night Tales – “Friends”

What’s a music festival without friends? “Can’t find a stronger feeling that I can give to the world than the love for my friends,” Night Tales vocalizes through this deep house love letter to companions. Whether listening to this song while lounging in a hammock or dancing to the steady beat in the middle of Hangout, the track encompasses what it feels like to be around friends.

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“THATS WHAT I WANT” opens with a solid acoustic chord progression as Lil Nas X explains he’s searching for a lover. He relays specifics about his life, but at the same time, he keeps the tune universal, urging listeners to sing along to the infectious chorus, “I want someone who love me, I need someone who needs me.”

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Flipturn – “August”

Fingerpicking at festivals teleports attendees to avenues of nostalgic tales of summer love. “August” blends prominent elements from electronic and alternative genres what with a double-time percussive synth beat and crooning vocals meshing together. “Do you remember?” the band implores.

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Stephen Sanchez – “Until I Found You”

“I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her, I found you,” Sanchez croons in his folk song about his undying love for a woman named Georgia. Folk songs hold unique places at music festivals due to guests’ adoration for swaying to mellifluous guitar melodies and serenading their partners or friends with sweet lyrics.

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