Jacknife playing live at a club.


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When the word “techno” gets thrown around there are a few cities that come to mind, and most of them are in Europe. Of course, there’s also Detroit and Chicago, which are often credited as the stomping grounds for American techno and house music, respectively. Australia is rarely ever recognized as an essential country for electronic music, but Jacknife, who’s currently on his debut U.S. tour, is here to change that.

But Jacknife’s music, especially his recently released BLADE ROOM EP, isn’t your standard electronic music. Honestly, there’s nothing “standard” about this project at all. Tracks like “MOVE,” although rooted firmly in techno motifs, subtly dive into trap aesthetics in its final moments. “4U” and “GOODBYE” are a unique dance-trap fusion that bleeds with energy from start to finish. From start to finish, BLADE ROOM EP is a project that keeps you on your toes from start to finish, and Jacknife’s live show is no different.

Dive into Jacknife’s U.S. Tour, the BLADE ROOM EPand the Australian EDM scene in this exclusive interview, below.

You recently completed the first phase of your debut US tour, which must be a great feeling! What are some of your favorite things about touring in the US?

It’s always a pleasure touring and flying overseas for shows all the way from Australia. The scene over here is bigger and more consistent and I’ve got some great fans here!

Favorite city you’ve been to in the US so far?

My favourite shows have definitely been LA & Salt Lake City.

Jacknife playing a show. Shot in black and white.

How would you compare the crowds in the US to the crowds in Australia?

I would say that the bass scene over in the USA is much more dense compared to Australia, with more people for the dance culture out here rather than Aus. Don’t get me wrong, Aus still goes hard but it just depends on genres and artists.

Give us some insight into dance music culture in Australia — what are the parties like? What’s one thing about the dance music culture in Australia you’d like to bring to the States?

Australia goes hard. Although the recent COVID pandemic really took us down and I feel like we’ve only just got back on our feet, the scene seems to be thriving and getting better. I think the cultures are very similar but just different in density.  

Your recent BLADE ROOM EP is some of the craziest bass-house and hard techno fusion I’ve heard in a long time. How do you get into the headspace to create this kind of music?

Thank you! Years and years of practice and study. I often like to start first thing in the morning while my brain is fresh. If you have dope projects, try to duplicate them and turn them into new tracks & just work and try different things. Get weird — you’ll make something unique if you persist.

What is your favorite setting to perform this kind of music? Do you prefer the minimalist dark room and red strobe light vibe, or are you more into the big LED screens and massive production?

I definitely like both. I love being on massive stages with big visual shows but I also love small dark rooms with an intimate crowd.

What/who were some of the biggest inspirations during the BLADE ROOM EP production process

Myself 90% of the time but I do gain inspiration from people like Space Laces, Knock2, ISOxo, and Skrillex. 

What is the feeling you hope people come away from after seeing a Jacknife show in the States this year?

I hope people love the show and make a connection with my music the way I do.


All photos courtesy of Jacknife.


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