Boris Brejcha black and white press photo with his signature joker mask covering his face.

Joker’s Symphony: The Life and Release of Boris Brejcha

How Boris Brejcha’s love and validity have cemented his position as a musical maestro in the annals of high-tech minimal history.

The masked marvel of high-tech minimal, Boris Brejcha, isn’t just known for his Joker face — behind the mask lies a story of backbone, growth, and metamorphosis that only he can tell. With a highly-anticipated album dropping next year and an already hyped single, “Vienna” ft. Malena Narvay, the software guru has much to share.

Diving right into the music video and celebratory single release, “Vienna,” which features Malena Narvay, presents a vivid tapestry of symbolism, each element more thought-provoking than the last. During an exclusive interview with Brejcha, he revealed that the interplay between himself, symbolized as a lifeless robot, and Malena, an emblem of vibrant life, showcases the stark contrast between existence and the magical awakening that comes with human connection and love. 

In the “Vienna” music video, the dim yellow room and the dark streets of Vienna feel kind of gloomy. But, things change when the girl in red shows up. The video gets brighter as soon as she walks in. At night, she’s grooving and dancing in the car, and when Boris joins her, they both get into the vibe. The whole ambiance of the room’s color hues enhances as their energy picks up. 


The red heart balloon, Boris shared with MP3 MAG, symbolizes the joys of life and love, while the empty car subtly speaks to the city of Vienna itself. The red mask donned by Malena carries a universal message: beneath our disguises, we all share the same range of emotions. In its entirety, the video stands as a visual representation of the ebbs and flows of life, love, and the simple pleasures that reawaken our spirits.

“We wanted to create a total contrast,” Boris said. “Malena is a very bright person from the ground up, so it was obvious that she should represent the flourishing life in this video. On the other side, the robot has a rather boring life. But, when he gets wound up like a music box, the life and joy finally blossom in him.”

“My childhood was good. Except for the accident with Ramstein,” Boris said. The Ramstein air disaster occurred on August 28, 1988, during an airshow at the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany when three jets from the Italian “Frecce Tricolori” display team collided, causing one to crash into spectators, resulting in 70 deaths and over 500 injuries. This tragic event led to significant changes in safety regulations for airshows worldwide. “Music gave me strength. Music became like a doctor to me.” Such depth is mirrored in his songs, offering a mix of euphoria tinged with sadness.

“In terms of life, nothing can shake me. Things like the Ramstein event, make you become relatively hard. But thankfully, I’ve to appreciate life and enjoy the smallest things,” Boris adds. 

Boris Brejcha leaning over high rise rail, wearing joker mask and black shirt
All photography by Felix Hohagen

The iconic Venetian-inspired joker mask that has become synonymous with Boris Brejcha was, in his words, initially “just a joke.” Intent on standing out, Boris adopted the mask which, over the years, evolved into his signature look. Despite its apparent superficiality, the mask has become an embodiment of his unique style and atmospheric sound.

Boris’s upcoming album promises a blend of “old and new,” showcasing all the facets of his musical prowess. With hints of his classic style meshed with fresh ideas, fans can expect a “mix of everything.” Not one for massive surprises, Boris teases a collaboration with Ginger and an extended version of “Vienna” coming out soon.

Boris’s self-coined genre, “High-Tech Minimal,” stems from his desire to fuse his early days of minimalism with the eclectic vibes of trance. This path saw major turning points with performances for Cercle and the recording at Tomorrowland, which remains the most viewed by an artist at a staggering 95 million hits. When asked about future ambitions, Boris humorously quipped, “an official remix for Depeche Mode or Hans Zimmer would be unbeatable.”

For all his success, Boris remains grounded. While he recognizes the advances in music tech, he candidly admits that he’s “oldschool,” valuing emotion and originality over cutting-edge equipment. 

Faithfulness is at the heart of everything Boris does — Be it his fashion brand, FCKNG FASHION or the iconic Joker-inspired ducks he occasionally hides in cities for his fans. As Boris gears up for his album launch, he leaves young budding artists with sage advice: “Learn an instrument. Have stamina.” He emphasizes the importance of patience and perseverance, drawing from his odyssey that spanned over a decade before achieving significant success.

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In a time where AI and swift tech advancements take center stage, Boris remains a powerful reminder of the timeless impact of human emotion in music. He believes that while AI can achieve a lot, it will never replicate the true feelings and purity of a human artist. “The best technology is your brain and your emotions,” he said, reminding us that while tools and tech can aid the process, the soul of the music lies in the artist’s heart and experiences.

Boris’s life has never been about quick wins or momentary glitz. It’s a story of overcoming personal traumas, channeling them into his devotion, and creating a signature musical space for himself. 

His quirky fan engagements, like the squeaky duck hunts in global cities like Chile and Argentina, show a playful side that contrasts with his deep, emotive music. Recounting a memorable duck hunt in Argentina, Boris recalls, “We had a chase across the entire city,” highlighting his love for direct interactions with fans and the joy such engagements bring him.

As Boris Brejcha marches ahead, setting new milestones and continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music, he remains a beacon for artists everywhere. Authenticity, a lot of caffeine, resilience, and unwavering passion are the hallmarks of his voyage. His upcoming album in 2024 promises not just a fusion of sounds but also a reflection of his evolutionary passage as an artist.

Concluding our insight into Boris’s world, he leaves us with a reminder that, in music and life, it’s essential to “produce music that you love.” After all, it’s this love and validity that have cemented Boris Brejcha’s position as a musical maestro in the annals of high-tech minimal history.



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