Kevin Knapp Press Photo

Kevin Knapp Joins Desert Hearts For Sizzling Worldwide EP

Desert Hearts’ exudes a colorful aura of good vibes and swaggerific music, so the DH family will surely welcome the latest single by esteemed producer, Kevin Knapp. The UK-inspired Worldwide EP delivers a more minimal approach for the vibrant label, but finds uniformity in its identity as a welcoming dance floor banger.

For years, Desert Hearts was just this crew I’d heard about from So-Cal,” said Kevin Knapp. “The more I heard, the more curious I got. One night at a festival in Costa Rica, our paths finally crossed. I hung out with Rybo and we clicked instantly. Soon after, I met the rest of the crew and honestly, I have been blown away at how we all get along so swimmingly. It’s as if I’ve met a bunch of close homies [that] I can trust and depend on.”

The Worldwide EP is broken up into an A-side title track and B-side, dubbed, “You The Truth.” The title cut is brazen in its intent to incite madness amongst listeners and of course, the live setting. “It spanks dancefloors,” said Kevin Knapp. “I can’t imagine a more appropriate crew to put it out.” 

This is not the first time Kevin Knapp and Mikey Lion’s Desert Hearts have come together. In December of 2019, Knapp released the Bleep Blop EP through Lion’s imprint. Knapp’s world-sized personality has made him a perfect with the extended clan of delinquents known as Desert Hearts.

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