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MorFlo Records: How Mersiv Hopes to Utilize Flow, Freeform to Change Bass Music

Colorado’s Mersiv has made a widespread impression on the bass music scene by implementing his own brand of ‘Freeform’ bass music. With his style dubbed ‘Pretty Dark Loud,’ the producer has helped champion this new sub genre of music by also creating his own label, MorFlo Records.

Since its inception in 2018, MorFlo has helped push artists like SuperAve., Meduso, Kyral x Banko, and more, bringing these new sounds and frequencies to ears and audiences everywhere.

Where It Began

While many in the bass music scene are familiar with Mersiv, some may not know of his curation efforts as head of MorFlo. Alongside Mersiv, the imprint was founded alongside core members Opalyte, Dream Pusha, Knat Turner, Dapolitiks, and Calvin Hobbes. The label made an official step as a cultural curator in 2018, when the imprint hosted its first-ever large scale event, MorFlo Music Festival. Co-produced by Mean Mug in Lake Orion, Michigan, MorFlo booked Peekaboo, G-Space, and Minnesota, in addition to holding down Mersiv as its special guest.

The team was able to begin to cultivate a larger local audience in Denver with a monthly residency at the famous underground bass venue, The Black Box. Members of MorFlo have since started an artist management company, Mind Warp MGMT, and have also founded a non-profit organization named Boredomfighters that brings musical workshops and curriculums to kids in schools and camps.

The label’s first ever release was titled “Morflo,” a collaboration between Mersiv and Calvin Hobbes.

All About The Music

With its music releases, the label strives to deliver forward thinking electronic music created with the intent to push ones personal boundaries. In doing so, the imprint hopes for listeners to tap into a sacred space of creativity and inspiration within themselves.

MorFlo Records was born out of a collective of artists, friends, and music lovers,” said label manager, Roman Torrano. “We wanted to create a platform that our friends could express themselves creatively with, while also shining a light on those tapping into their artistic flow of expression. Through that, we’ve fostered a community that supports growth for the whole community.

MorFlo doesn’t necessarily represent one genre. The label’s catalogue is bass centered, but the goal is for artists to push themselves to max creativity. With that in mind, they hope artists find outside the box ways to tap into their creative expression that still hits the pillars of aggressive bass and melodic undertones.

To date, the label has released with over 50 artists, dropped various singles and full-length projects, as well as two compilations, Alchemy and Dreamscape. The label told MP3 MAG a forthcoming EP can be expected in 2022.

Top Releases

  • Floating Underwater Above the Clouds – Mersiv
  • Multiply Us – Knat Turner
  • Dreams – SuperAve. x Jelacee
Mersiv Album Mode

This Fall, MorFlo’s head curator, Mersiv, is set to deliver his debut LP, Pretty Dark Loud, which looks to be an emphatic statement on the Freeform genre. Running 20+ tracks in length, it showcases the genres ability to change up rhythm, tempo, emotion and energy.

The purpose of this record is to help people heal and grow through frequencies,” Mersiv said via 2021 press release. “I hope Pretty Dark Loud can help bring a sense of healing and peace to whoever listens.”

How to Submit

Artists can submit music to MorFlo here: