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MP3 TOURS: Maddy O’Neal’s ‘Mind Over Matter’ Tour

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Maddy O’Neal is hitting a new stride — one that’s resulted in the biggest year of her career. Just last year, the Colorado-bassed future bass queen released her Sophomore album, Ricochet, which was a remarkably fun journey through melodic bass infused with colorful soul and subtle electronica aesthetics that combined for an uplifting listening experience that fits into any time of day, or season of life.

Well, it’s 365 days since O’Neal dropped Ricochet, and she’s keeping up her musical hot-streak with the new EP, Mind Over Matter, which features four bass-forward tracks that explore a central, meditiative theme. But what exactly is this new project saying? And what does O’Neal’s 31-date Mind Over Matter tour entail? Let’s find out, straight from the source.

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You’ve been touring heavily for seven years, which I’m sure has its ups and downs. How are you feeling going into the ‘Mind Over Matter’ tour? 

Honestly I have never felt more energized and inspired by where I am at in my career. Something is happening and there is magic in the air. I feel like I have hit a stride and feel like people are really resonating with my message. It’s so inspiring to feel that reciprocation. I have also been playing for tons of new audiences at these festivals so it’s really rad to feel like my fan base is growing and excited to see me play. It’s all a feedback loop of energy and it feels pretty good right now!

Maddy O'Neal wearing a purple hat and white long sleeve shirt in front of purple screen
All photography shot by Stephanie Parsley.
How will the ‘Mind Over Matter’ tour separate itself from some of your previous tours?

This is honestly my first big headline run. I’ve done select shows over the years here and there but this is the first time we’ve really put together a big run of headline shows. I’ll be headlining for the first time in a lot of the cities I’m performing in during this tour, which is super special. It’s the beginning of a whole new adventure and I’m excited to take this next step in my career. Doing my own shows is always so fun because I can play longer, expand on my performance and curate the vibe from start to finish.

Is there a specific feeling, or energy you hope fans come away with after experiencing the ‘Mind Over Matter’ tour?

The more I grow, the more I hope to facilitate a community surrounding the shows and the music. Music is meant to bring people together for a common interest. I am grateful I get to create worlds and environments for people to come to and have a night out where they can let go and lose themselves in music and meet like-minded people. I hope that these stops create connections and moments for people to take with them and be inspired by. 

Mind Over Matter is all about taking control of our lives and controlling our own realities. What role has music played in empowering you to control your own reality?

Making music and doing what I do has given me my purpose in life. I remember growing up I wanted to be a writer and had stacks and stack of notebooks talking about my future and hoping that I found my purpose in life. I am so grateful that I truly feel like I have found that. It feels like I am exactly where I should be in life.

Being able to create and express myself and GROW every single day while I’m doing this is pretty incredible. It has taken me years to feel like I do right now, where I am fully in my flow state, and that is the coolest feeling in the world. Working, growing, being receptive to the unknown, saying yes to every experience and listening to my intuition all contribute to that feeling. I truly believe in manifestation, if you are paying enough attention to these things and remaining open to what the universe has to offer as you move through it. 

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What are some practical tips you can give for people who are struggling to find control and power in their lives?

Take a deep breath. Everyone has their own paths and sometimes it takes way longer to figure out where you belong or what you love. If you are going through a hard time right now, remember it ALWAYS gets better. If you are feeling stuck, shake things up, do something different, go meet some new people, try out a new hobby or go outside in nature and get inspired. Always follow the things in life that make you feel alive. Life is just a series of ups and downs. You just have to learn how to ride the waves and figure out what the message is to learn from the lows to make you stronger the next time around. 

This is your first project in the post-Ricochet era, which seems like a whole new phase for the Maddy O’Neal project. Does it feel like that for you, too?

It 100% does. It’s hard to explain but I just feel like I’m in a flow state right now. I’ve faced a lot of the fears and things that have been holding me back over the years and I’m ready to just take it all head on. I’ve always lived my life and career saying ‘yes’ to things I haven’t necessarily been ready for at the time — but I’ve always figured it out. I’m just excited for the future and that I feel like I am growing all the time… it’s an exciting state to be in. 

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If you could dedicate an entire rider to health and mindfulness-themed items and experiences, what would be on it?

Yoga mat (yoga keeps me sane!), ginger shots, Meditation Coach (I’ve never had one and I’m actually very curious), blueberries (are always on my rider — my happy place. Also detoxifying), and a sauna/steam room +cold plunge would be EPIC! 



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