Mantra Sounds

Mantra Sounds, also known as Giana, is a multi-genre experimental bass music DJ/producer and vocalist from South Jersey, Giana began her journey within electronic music exploring the Philadelphia local scene as a teenager. Seeing her first show from a fan’s perspective was a driving force to send her head-first down the ever-winding rabbit hole of music production and mixing. While finding her creative footing, Giana was intrigued to start producing her own sound that people could consider their ‘mantra: Throughout the years, her passion for music production, mixing, and the scene as a whole has grown tremendously; cultivating natural diversity within genres behind the decks. With her affiliations lying with Dubday NYC and Wavecraft Collective, the underground bass music community has nurtured boundless creativity and expression within her project. Mantra Sounds fully immerses herself in a vision to create a raunchy, upbeat- yet liquid bass that invites you to submerge yourself into the experience and rinse yourself clean

In October of 2020, Giana launched her lyrical side project “Grim Steez”, representing an alternate, darker outlet not confined solely to electronic music. Mantra is a balanced entity driven by feelings and passion, while Grim Steez feeds off of raw emotion that is derived from the deepest parts of her psyche. Although Mantra and Grim are polar opposites, they go hand in hand like yin and yang. The collaboration from each end of the spectrum embodies the angel and devil that sit on each of your shoulders. Giana sees the production aspect of “Mantra Sounds” as more of a disciplined and controlled process, while writing lyrics and using her voice as more eloquent and expressive.



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