Brooklyn’s Meagan Rodriguez, aka QRTR, learned how to use CDJs in a smoky discotèca an hour before DJing in front of a crowd of dancing Portuguese club-goers. She returned to the same club years later, but this time, she had her own original music to share.

Bouncing between high-energy DJ mixes and hypnotic original live sets, QRTR has shared the stage with the likes of Tokimonsta, Tiga, Phantoms, Galantis, and Oliver, to name a few. QRTR has performed at some of New York’s most renowned nightclubs, including The Brooklyn Mirage, Output (RIP), Good Room, Elsewhere, and Bossa Nova Civic Club. In 2018, she debuted her live setup while headlining at Brooklyn Bazaar — weaving together an hour-long live journey of remixed original tracks. While her Brooklyn home base will always be número um, QRTR has toured internationally, performing in Portuguese open-air clubs and smoky Parisian lounges.



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