Mersiv & Chill Bobby at Red Rocks

Mersiv Tags Dubstep Dons Killa Nova, Opalyte, Wriza & Vocalist Chill Bobby for Legion of Boom EP [Listen]

Who is doing more than Mersiv right now?

The dubstep prodigy dropped 14 tracks last year, and has yet to slow down in 2021. After announcing he’s in ‘Album Mode’ in January, the Colorado-based producer has unleashed three tracks already this year. Last Friday, he debuted a new extended release, Legion of Boom EP, his latest WAKAAN co-sign that features Killa Nova, Opalyte, Wriza and former “Beautiful & Filthy” collaborator, Chill Bobby. The project offers a wide variety of thunderous sounds for fans of Mersiv and his “Pretty Dark Loud” style of bass music.

“The Prologue” begins with Legion of Boom and features the unrelenting sound design of Sub.mission artist, Wriza. Alongside Mersiv, the two create a hard-hitting, ominous introduction. “Go Down” builds on the bouncy, old-school dubstep hype of previous hits like “Get Crazy,” and features the talents of Houston-raised producer Killa Nova. Mersiv and Opalyte take a synth and melody-led approach on “Ultimate Dragon,” which combines Opalyte’s astral dubstep style with grungy basslines. The EP wraps up with former “Beautiful & Filthy” collaborator Chill Bobby, who peppers swag-filled bars over a high powered warp into bass.

Legion of Boom serves as a sampler to the diversity of Mersiv’s style and adds to the acclaim of his MorFlo Records collective in Colorado.