Pretty Lights return: Pretty Lights with his hands together at Mission Ballroom, on stage

MP3 PLAYLIST: 10 Tracks to Celebrate Pretty Lights’ Return

Photo shot by David Cohn.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or exploring a forest trail, the right soundtrack can elevate any activity, or help lift those spirits. In MP3 PLAYLISTS, we curate the perfect tunes for your everyday routines. For this week’s PLAYLIST, we’ve put together 10 of our favorite Pretty Lights tracks to celebrate an epic return. We hope you enjoy our picks as much as we do!

Rainbows and Waterfalls

This track is a beautiful journey through layers of warmth and funky melodies, and a favorite amongst the PL family. It’s the type of song that instantly gives you a feeling of hope and makes you want to dance through any mood. Pair those delightful sensations with some charming vocals and you have an absolute masterpiece.

So Much in the Dark

There’s a multitude of instruments found in this track that only amplify its excellence: the smooth beat of the drum, the sweet horn bits and the pretty, groovy bass line that picks up about halfway through. The change up for the last half of the track brings a new energy that we cannot get enough of. Listening makes us even more grateful for this return and the opportunity to hear it live once more.

Hot Like Sauce

Hot Like Sauce is a staple PL track, comprised of a spicy rhythm that gets your feet moving to the syncopated elements found within the track’s depths. Something about it just makes you smile as you sing along to the catchy lyrics; it’s a classic, certified banger. What a treat to be able to hear this live again.

Vibe Vendetta

This one is full of smooth, head nodding beats that bring a sense of calmness to those who listen. The chiller drums layered amongst the chime-like sounds placed throughout give off the good energy that everyone needs in their life. It shows off the softer sides to PL, and the emotions that come from it have even more meaning now.

I Know the Truth

Mission Ballroom got blessed with this legendary track during Pretty Light’s first initial return to the stage earlier this month, and the energy from that crowd speaks to the exhilaration that PL is back and ready for action. The deep, heavy bass rattles bones and brings everyone together in the most beautiful of ways. Sharing that connection and passion for this special sound.

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Yellow Bird

Yellow Birdis a cherished song that brings forth an array of incandescent, heartfelt sentiments and bright, homely feelings. Yellow is a color that feels like summer, and the track’s luminescent layers bring out those emotions tenfold. Listening to this track again, especially after so many missing years, brings even greater feelings and hope for what’s to come.

Can’t Stop Me Now

Now that Pretty Lights is back and better than ever, this track’s title couldn’t be more true. The groovy guitar strums, bouncy melody and all the other aspects of this track make this resurgence even more exciting. PL can’t be stopped; we’re so excited for what’s to come.

World Of Illusion 

The energy in this track is like the gift that keeps on giving. From the moment it starts, listeners are met with a sultry, upbeat and exciting rhythm that carries on throughout the rest of the track. It’s got that signature Pretty Lights energy that gets a crowd moving wherever its sounds grace.

We Must Go On

We can’t have a Pretty Lights playlist and not include this classic, and while during his hiatus this one hit deep, now it has even more depth knowing he’s made his return. Likewise, we can move forward and know that brighter days are on the horizon.

Still Rockin

Something about this track just puts a smile on your face and gives you the best feelings. The low-end frequencies and wobbly tempo surround you with a vivacious vitality you can’t get enough of. We are still rockin’ indeed.