lineup poster of sick new world 2024

MP3 PREP: 5 Acts to Dive Into Sick New World’s Deep 2024 Lineup

As the festival season charges full steam ahead, the preparation for each event becomes a task in itself. Welcome to MP3 PREP, your ultimate guide to navigating the pulsating world of music festivals. Here’s what you need to know about the Sick New World 2024.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Las Vegas Festival Grounds on April 27, Sick New World promises an eclectic mix of hard rock, alternative, and cutting-edge acts. With a lineup featuring over 65 artists across five stages, the festival not only celebrates giants in the genre but also spotlights emerging and avant-garde talents. Here’s a closer look at five acts that are poised to captivate attendees with their unique sounds and theatrical performances.

Sleep Token

This mysterious and genre-defying collective, led by the enigmatic figure known as ‘Vessel,’ weaves a dense fabric of ambient metal, poignant rock, and soulful vocals. Known for their spellbinding performances that blend dark, ritualistic themes with an emotionally charged atmosphere, Sleep Token is not just heard; it’s experienced. Their set is expected to be a cathartic ritual that will leave the crowd in awe. This is the first US date as Sleep Token embarks on their Teeth of God North American tour, which includes an iconic date at Red Rocks on May 12.

Bad Omens

Riding high with their melodic blend of metalcore and electronic elements, Bad Omens offers a raw, introspective look into dark, melodic energy. Their lyrics are introspective, often exploring themes of personal struggle and existential angst, paired with explosive riffs and anthemic choruses. Festival-goers can expect a gripping performance that combines visceral energy with intricate musicality.


Quickly becoming a juggernaut in the metal scene, Spiritbox combines djent-y guitars with the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Courtney LaPlante. Their ability to oscillate between ethereal melodicism and crushing heaviness is unparalleled, making their live shows a multi-sensory onslaught. Expect their performance at Sick New World to be a standout, showcasing their dynamic range and emotional depth. This is also a great opportunity to catch them before they head out on tour with Korn and Gojira.


This instrumental progressive rock band is known for their technically proficient and sonically complex compositions that fuse electronic, rock, and hip-hop elements. Polyphia’s performances are tight, energetic, and demonstrate a new level of instrumental prowess. With guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage leading the charge, their set will be a masterclass in musicianship and innovation.

Danny Elfman

Perhaps the most eclectic act at Sick New World, Danny Elfman brings a cinematic grandeur to the festival lineup. Known for his iconic Tim Burton film scores and his avant-garde rock sensibilities with Oingo Boingo, Elfman’s performance is set to blend orchestral intensity with rock opera flamboyance. His set will not only revisit classic themes but also introduce new arrangements that promise to mesmerize and inspire.


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